Monday, September 5, 2011

Internship @ AMD

Henry Tan | 1:17 PM |
Previous post about my internship in AMD.
Well, finally it's the last month of my internship in AMD.
Time really passes by very fast.
Kinda mixed feeling somehow.

Probably you have seen those with smock, gloves, ESD shoe.
But what I'm gonna show you here is something special! =p

Geared up for protection! =D

See! I guess I'm the only one get to wear like that! =DDD
Well, it seems like those gas mask in Counter Strike! LOL.

Nice huh?
Well, actually I was doing BSM removal which using high concentration of acid.
And I gotta say, that's pretty good protection provided by AMD.
Unlike my uni.... *erhem*

Okay, so that's pretty much all!
Gotta go back to work!

"I am gonna miss all the fun here! =("
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  1. Do enjoy yourself and be careful with those acid. :)

  2. omg you look like doctor evil or something in that suit. HAHAHA !! :))

  3. what is AMD hahah? What course u studying last time?

  4. Hahaha! What an interesting suit! U look cool! Thks for leaving your comment @ Luxury Haven! I've 'liked' your FB page & following u now. Hope u'll do the same too & looking fwd to sharing!

  5. Looks like you are going through some important project over here... reminds me of those movies where the alien got loose in the Lab.. hahaha...

  6. woah! why are u wearing that? =O

  7. Hopped over from Claire's. Nice blog, you have. What's AMD? You look like a character from those sci-fi alien movies. Browsed through your food posts - great me drooling all over. LOL!!!

  8. wah...that outfit... ur job looks scary!

  9. Diana Diane Teo, alright I will! thanks! =D

    Shuwen, evil doctor pulak. =.=

    Connie, AMD = Advanced Micro Devices? a company that producer microprocessors? rival of Intel? lol
    I'm taking electronics engineering majoring in Nanotechnology. =)

    Charmaine, BSM = Back Side Mounting =D

    Shirley, haha cool huh? I like it too! =D

    reanaclaire, lol, alien pulak! hahaha!

    Xue Ren, for protection. =)

    Leanne, yuppp! haha the face mask!

    Suituapui, AMD = Advanced Micro Devices, a company that produce microprocessor. =) thanks! =D

    Emeryn, haha, still okay la, nt that scary, just special! haha


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