Sunday, September 4, 2011

Picture of the Day

Henry Tan | 10:37 AM | |
What first comes to your mind if I say....


Yup. Anyone that put hand into your pocket. *sounds wrong* LOL
Of course, and to steal something.

But, what about this??

"The PRO level of using chopsticks!"

Of course, in a wrong way! *shake head*

So yeah...
"Be aware people!"

They are highly skilled that you can't even find their fingerprint on your clothes!

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  1. HAha if they try that on me they will probably find tissue papers & other rubbish I put inside my pocket LOL

  2. Walaueh... broad daylight stealing

  3. Wah, chopsticks! Pickpockets just leveled up. O_O And I thought those who can pick a fly from the air already very skillful.
    As they say in Chinese, 一山还有一山高 >__<

  4. Phoebe, lol! den where do u keep your purse or wallet? =p

    cutebun, yup! as if there aren't anyone out there!

    Laura,yuppp! really... 一山还有一山高!

    Kyril. hopeless! i know! tsk tsk tsk!


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