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Invited Review @ Bora Bora By Sunset

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I was being invited to do review. Hoho! =D
Thanks to Criz, I attended with some other famous bloggers namely...

Let's start with the nice place! =D

The entrance! Got feel right? =D

Indoor sitting with really nice environment!

Perfect place to chill out with a pool table and a long bar.

There's even Shisha Bar and the DJ station! 

Prefer sea breeze? Go for outdoor sitting! =D

 Some very odd decorations. 

Or even this. =.=

 Some special stuffs I found. lol

"F-word is no longer banned?"
I wonder which newspaper posted this. =X


I also found this. =X
You might be wondering how I noticed this.
and nope, I'm certainly not stalking outside female toilet. LOL

Good food starts from a good kitchen! =D

Well, this October Bora Bora by Sunset will come out with new promotion set meal! =D
Starting with....

Ice Peach Tea or Ice Lemon Tea?

Bora Bora Papadum with Salsa Sauce
Wild Mushroom Soup

Main Course
Spaghetti Lettuccine with Chicken & Wild Mushroom Ragu


Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Beef/Chicken & Prawn


Stir Fried Beef/Chicken Served with Rice & Egg


Grilled White Fish with Citrus Lemon Butter Sauce

One Scoop Ice Cream

For the October Promotion, this set will cost you RM36 nett per person.
Inclusive of 2 choose 1 drinks, 2 choose 1 appertizer, 4 choose 1 main course plus 1 dessert.

Personally, I like the Ice peach tea + Papadum + Grilled white fish + Ice cream.
Papadum is crunchy when it is served and good combination with the Salsa sauce that adds a little spiciness.
While the big portion of grilled white fish matched well with the sour lemon butter sauce.
Plus, it is at seaside what! Of course eat fish! LOL

Taste: 7.5/10 (I like my fish!)
Price: 7/10 (Batu Ferringhi area, what can you expect? RM36 per person!)
Environment: 8/10 (Seaside! Nice deco!)
Service: 8/10 (Friendly!)
Average: 7.6/10

Best to reach there around 6pm, take a stroll at the seaside.
Sit back with the sea view while waiting for sunset!
Enjoy your meal with the closed one would be perfectly suitable! =D

Check out how to go! =D

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  1. Place looks nice...and food looks good. Classy presentations...

    Oh dear! I hope this is not going to be many to come. I guess it's ok as you're in Penang and I don't know anybody who does food tasting and reviews.

    Otherwise, I'll end up seeing near identical posts and photographs across the board...in almost every other blog that I visit. It gets sooooo boring and no point commenting again and again since they're all the same.

    Thankfully, they're all in KL...and I wouldn't bother clicking the links in your post as I may see the same things. Groan...

  2. nikel, hoho! =D

    suituapui, yes! I totally understand that! haha.
    that's why sometimes have to be different and present the food in different way. otherwise everyone would be the same. hmmmm.

  3. Lols Batu Ferringhi is so far from where I am now!

  4. wah Spaghetti Lettuccine looks damn tempting la ! Love the setting ! Really got the beachy feel :D


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