Thursday, September 22, 2011

KDU Farewell 3 @ Coffee Island

Henry Tan | 9:30 PM | | |
Just can't get enough huh? *See the last farewell*
Last stop in Coffee Island. =D

Okay, maybe it was a farewell and we somehow got crazy!
Guess what?
We play the...


And of course, to be able to play...
You just need to be.... uhmm...


Okay, so all of us are playable.
See the photos then you will know. =X

Epic ear biting by Eugene towards Jimson! LOL 

 Kent enjoy kissing Karseng's neck! LOL

and of course...



wait for it, wait for it......


They are just too happy doing it, isn't it? LOL

They are all doing it voluntarily without any peer pressure. =X

That's the moment...

We laughed the most. =)

Friends, Treasure. =)
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