Friday, September 23, 2011

Harvest In @ Jalan Irrawaddi, Penang

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Well, I was looking for a dinner place as farewell for my friend.
And I found this place with the quote:

"5 Stars Food with 3 Stars Price!"

Sounds good right?
Right away I chosen this shop!

What happened inside the car. =.=

Harvest In Cafe!

Coffee and mushroom soup! =D Not bad!

Spaghetti Bolognese

Chicken in Spicy Cheesy Sauce

Oh wait!
I gotta say....

There were two pieces of chicken stacked together.

"Too dry when I finished the one on top!" 
But the spicy cheesy sauce is nice! =D

and I also didn't realized....

 Chicken breast =.= Lagi DRY!

But the set is worth! =D

 Jelly with Ice Cream! =D

The meal I ordered really disappointing. 
Perhaps should give it a try for other meal.
After all, they are always full of people!

Taste: 7/10 (Disappointed with the chicken breast =()
Price: 7/10 (Not bad! RM20 per person!)
Environment: 8/10 (Nice)
Service: 8/10 (Not bad! Fast!)
Average: 7.5/10

Well, in case you don't know where is it....

10, Jalan Irrawaddy, 
Penang, 1005004-226 1718 
Be safe, better call for reservation! =D

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  1. Nice! And cheap too! Must go and try someday... Oh? You like wet breasts eh? Muahahahaha!!!

  2. the chef is so generous to drench that generous amount of cheese onto that Chicken in Spicy Cheesy Sauce. yums.

  3. So you are from Penang? I dont know where this place is..but will tell my son who is staying there.. sure he will want to try!

  4. The "Chicken in Spicy Cheesy Sauce" really looks yummy... but too bad.. it's chicken breast.. >.< I would be superb if it is not a chicken breast...

  5. Penang memang food paradise loh ! Yorr !

  6. suituapui, wet breast pulak =.=
    lol. i dun like chicken breast, but if the gravy is sufficient den is okay for me. in this case, it wasn't. =X

    anne lee, but still not enough for me. =S

    reana claire, yup, im from penang! =D
    yup you should tell him! =D

    Veanne, yea right! but then maybe they want to bring out the taste of spicy cheesy sauce so they have to use dry chicken breast. hmmm

    Queennie, come penang! i bring u around! =D

  7. "5 Stars Food with 3 Stars Price!"? Awesome! Looking at the menu, the prices are extremely cheap. Can't find anything near in S'pore. LOL!

    I'm sorry the chicken turned out too dry but the Spicy Cheesy Sauce sounds good!


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