Wednesday, September 14, 2011

KDU Farewell @ James Foo Restaurant, Fettes Park

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Last day for the KDU students in AMD Internship.
Pretty closed with some of them. =D
So first stop to meet at James Foo!
Guess what? I never eat out there! =X
and not even this time!

"Someday I will! hopefully..."

But here are the photos! =D

Snapped my friend's food. lol

26 of them! A lot huh? =D 

Busy couple! =p 

I like their heads in a row with the same height! haha! 

and the lovely threesome! LOL 

Wolverine? =O 

Group photo! =DDD 

See the blur head beside me =.=

Not hard to see the building right?

Well, no food review this time.
But for sure I will go again!
Really hell lots of people there! =S

Coming up with the farewell second stop!
Stay tune! =D
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  1. u study in KDU too?? which campus? :)

  2. Nikel, really? must remember to try the next time i go then. =D

    Queennie, haha, he doesn't look fierce. that's why

    xue ren, nope. im not from KDU.

    jfook. yup.. sure it does. =D

  3. many people! Food looks good. This is in Penang? Ya....I wonder why people go for gatherings and then they are pre-occupied with their handphones. Tsk! Tsk!

  4. Henry, looks like u guys had fun! Enjoy your weekend :)


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