Saturday, September 17, 2011

KDU Farewell 2 @ Straits Quay

Henry Tan | 4:11 PM | | |
Second stop at Straits Quay!
Particularly, Berlin Bier Haus!
Went there to chill out and of course...


Some looks serious.. 

It's really funny to see our reaction. =X

and some looks hitting it hard! LOL 

Latern + Pool Stick? WEIRD! 

Did anyone realized why there's lantern allowed indoor? =X

That's all for now!
Coming up will be the last stop in Coffee Island! =D
Stay tuned! =D
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  1. hhaha ! Mooncake festival + pool ? :)) Looks like funnn

  2. Anybody blinking all night long... LOL!!!


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