Monday, October 3, 2011

Lomo Waterproof Camera @ My New Toy

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Okay probably not so new to you.
This thing came out quite some time ad.
Somehow it never caught my attention until....

"Now! Yesterday!"

But don't blame me.
You know why? Because...

*no offence towards old people ya, I love old people =D*

Correct me if I'm wrong as my Hokkien not that good either.
The point is L-O-M-O doesn't sounds nice to me. LOL. *being judgemental*

Thanks to Applefish's blog, I was being attracted.
Not that because it is with the new Angry Bird limited edition, (Yes, you can order from her blog)
but rather the word....


Hell yeah! I'm going KK!
And my DSLR can't swim!
So I need one that could does that like in the photo!
Of course, I do not have the hairy chest nor the big fish in KK.

But what I got is this!


I don't know.
But I will tell you when I'm back from the trip!
Happy Holiday People! =D
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  1. I also speak Hokkien but also like you, not really good. Hehehe..

    I wish you before but like to wish you one more time, "Have a good and enjoyable trip in KK"

    Do post more on your waterproof camera because I also love to swim and snorkelling but duno which camera suits for underwater.

  2. enjoy ur trip at KK ! :D I miss KK a lot.

  3. Heya, looks good. how much did u get this? I'll be heading to KK end of this month! how many days n where would u be going?

    Would love to read more about it coz i need to start planning really soon!

  4. Looks like a kiddie's toy.... Ok, this time, round, Sibu, ok?


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