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5D4N KK Trip @ Sabah

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After been MIA for 5 days, my blog pretty much dead. =(
But is okay cause...

I'm back!

With the sun burned all over my arms and face!
But I kinda like it! =D

Here's the places we went in 5D4N:
Day 1
Sang Yuk Mee @ Jia Siang
Sabah State Museum
River Cruise & Fireflies + Dinner @ Weston Wetland (Fees Included)

Day 2
Check In @ Lavender Lodge
Tamparuli Mee @ Tamparuli Town
Stalls @ Pekan Nabalu
Butterfly Farm & Canopy Walkway @ Poring (Fees Included)
Hot Spring + Lunch @ Poring (Fees Included)
Raflesia @ Kundasang
Cow Farm @ Kundasang (Fees Included)

Day 3
Yee Fung Laksa @ Gaya Street
River Rafting + Lunch @ Kiulu (Fees Included)
ABC & Bakso @ Central Market Car Park
Seafood Dinner @ Welcome Seafood Restaurant
Musical Fountain @ Perdana Park

Day 4
Islands Hopping @ Pulau Manukan & Pulau Mamutik
Beaufort Mee @ New Man Tai, Gaya Street

Day 5
Po Lo Bun (Pineapple) @ Keng Wah Hing, Gaya Street
Pan Mee @ Kah Sou, Gaya Street

Fees included that we paid the uncle: RM350

The above are all that we planned before going.
Not a perfect plan though, as we wasted some time on travelling.
Van uncle did tell us some of the possible places we could go without time wasted.

Ask me personally! I can help you plan! =D

Head to my Facebook Blog Page to ask any question you like! =D

We stayed in Lavender Lodge which is a backpacker sort of hostel.
Most importantly, the people there are super friendly!
I highly recommend if anyone of you wanna find cheap but good place to stay!

Photo taken by my Lomo waterproof camera

Well, my waterproof camera cracked during river rafting.
So ended up all the photos not nice.
But afterall, it's just RM30.
What quality of pictures can you expect it to be? LOL

Photo taken by my 550D. =D

Overall, Kota Kinabalu is really a nice place to go!
The food are not cheap! Comparable to KL!
But worth to go for a trip!

KK is a must-go-place in Malaysia!

And I definitely got a lot of stories to tell! =D
Stay tuned to my blog!
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  1. Upload more photos for the trip.

  2. Some of the place I haven't been yet :P.. A good plan indeed.

    I glad that you enjoy your holidays in KK. Most of my friends went there and said definitely would come back again and even my lecturer told me that he will go KK every year. Must go every year if not, his heart will itchy. Hahaha...

  3. KK is tourist spot, the things there sure very expensive.

  4. Definitely! Nice place, must visit...but expensive. Sibu also very nice...and cheap! Come to Sibu next! LOL!!!

  5. Looks like u'd fun, Henry! I haven't been to KK, maybe I'll visit it some day. Love the last shot!

  6. yeap..KK is one of the best place to go for holiday...

  7. wah..faster tell. coz im going there end of this month n havent plan. would really love to know more. like are those in KK town? or how many hours drive from KK town?which worth to go or which can be skipped coz i'm only there for 4d3N

    n bout that camera..where did u get it from?

  8. luporti, alright! =D

    diana, yes! i would go back again! for pulau sipadan and mount kk! =D

    anne lee, yup, just surprisingly those coffee shop also very expensive!

    suituapui, lol! yeah! dont worry, if i go sibu i would definitely go kacau u!

    blackswan, perhaps you should go one day! and if u need any help in planning, you could ask me! =D

    eric, indeed! =D

    emeryn, ask me about this in fb! we chat ther! =D

  9. Hai Henry, the RM350 that you pay to the van uncle,is it per person for the whole 5D4N? Those kedai kopi in Gaya street that you go for buns & mee is it walking distance from Hyatt Regency Hotel?

  10. Hi Henry, can I have the contact number of the van uncle?
    I am searching for transportation on my trip to KK next year.
    Do email me at
    Thanks in advance :D

  11. Hi Henry, is me again. The reply above :)
    Can I have the contact number of the van uncle?

  12. @evelyn, I'm not sure where is Hyatt Regency hotel, but as long as you are staying at the town, Gaya Street is within walking distance already. =)

    @jessie, sent to your email already. =)

  13. Hi,

    Can you send the contact number of the van uncle to


  14. next time come KK please look for me we go dating OK???

  15. u really can help plan the trip? going to have a 4D3N trip soon in KK, can have the van uncle contact and the RM350 include wat oh? pls email to (Lucy)

  16. Hi, can u email me the van uncle's contract no to ?

  17. Hi,can email the uncle's contact no to > Thanks.

  18. hi can u email me the uncle's contact at thanks a lot ! nice blog

  19. if you don't mind, pls email the van uncle contact to

    thanks ya..

  20. hihi, can u email me the van uncle's contact too? Thanks so much.

  21. Hi..can u email the uncle's contact? Thanks!

  22. Hi, mind help me do some planning if im going for a 4Days 3Night trip? I know its kinda rush but my schedule is tight.

    Im more into enjoy good foods and some hotspring plus sightseeing. Not so into diving or snorkeling.

    THanks in advance!!! And nice blog you have there!It really helps to promot the place!

  23. Dear Henry,

    Nice to read your blog..interesting and creative..keep the good things to share.

    can u email me the van uncle's contact to my email : ?I will be going KK next month and would like to get a driver to get around.thank you for your help..

  24. Hi All readers,

    I'm so sorry! Didn't realized there are so many comments here!

    Please head to my Facebook Blog Page to drop me any questions you wanna know kay?

    Sorry for any inconvenience!

  25. Wah.. now can go eat more noodles XP

  26. Hi, planning a kk trip. nice blog. can u email me d van uncle tel no? thanks.

  27. Hi. Nice blog. Can you email me the contact no. of the van uncle? Thanks!

  28. hi

    this really a great information for those who want to visit kk, btw can you send me the van uncle contact?

    wan ting

  29. Hi... May I have that uncle's contact number please? How do I address him as well? Rm350 is for whole trip per person you paid to uncle including all the entrance fees and foods? Kindly reply to my email. ( or Thank you very much~


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