Wednesday, October 12, 2011

River Cruise + Fireflies @ Weston, KK

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To check the full schedule of my 5D4N KK Trip, click here.

First stop: See Proboscis monkey & Fireflies!
Don't know what's a proboscis monkey?

Monkey with a long nose!

FYI, they are endangered species.
Find out more about them in wikipedia.

It's actually Weston Wetland Park which located around 2 hours drive from KK City.
According to the van uncle, a trip to Labuan in the morning is possible.
With that, we could save time on travelling since we could drop off to Labuan when we passby Beaufort.

"So people, plan well! =D"

2 hours of journey to Weston could be really tiring!

At the jetty with the Teh-Tarik river water. LOL

Christmas tree? Nope! Tree full of white birds

The flies that you wanna avoid! They sting!

Orang Asli's house!

 The restaurant we stopped by for tea and dinner! =D

 Ready to go see monkeys! =DD

Actually quite far away that we can hardly see anything! 

And so, they rent binocular! *good way to earn!* 

 Personally I like this photo! =D

Up to here, you might be wondering why there isn't any fireflies photo right?
Well, my camera isn't good enough or I'm not pro enough.
So perhaps this....

Photo taken from LOL

But it was really fun, as the guide, Mr. Lim shows us how to attract the fireflies by imitating their flickering.

If you are following tour trip, probably it could easily costs up to RM180 per person.

So, be wise! 

Find the right person to bring you there! =D
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  1. I want to go for a looong vacation/trip like this too~~~

  2. so basically we can just stop the boat, get a glass and enjoy teh tarik instantly! :D

  3. I'm more, not so much into nature and animals. LOL!!!

  4. nana, just do it! =D

    merryn, lol. yeahhhh! even if the boat is not stop, you still can get free flow of teh tarik. =p

    suituapui, lol, wow, you are not interested in our long distance family? =p

  5. luporti, yup, tell too much lies! lol

  6. i think to get there for 3d2n can you plan it for me :)


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