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Tamparuli mee @ Tamparuli, KK

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You might heard of Beaufort Mee or Tuaran Mee.
But trust me, Tamparuli mee is way nicer!

"It's the underdog!"

Don't be fooled by its appearance!

Honestly, I underestimate this plate of fried mee.
And it looks dry and not mouth watering at all!
But like they said...

Diam-diam ubi berisi!

Out of my expectation, it is really tasty!
Hand made egg noodles which is springy!
Not forgetting the topping of veges, char siew and egg pork roll!
You just can't stop eating! *tempting?*

Taste: 8/10 (credit to the well handmade egg noodle!)
Price: 7/10 (RM5)
Environment: 7/10 (Normal coffee shop)
Service: 7/10 (Not bad)
Average: 7/10

Frankly, you could hardly heard or found about it over the internet.
However, the locals there definitely would know about it!
Well, according to our van uncle, those mee are named based on the place.
Just like Hokkien mee comes from Hokkien? =X (correct me if I'm wrong) LOL

On the way to Kundasang 

 Tamparuli Suspension Bridge

There's another bridge for cars right beside.

As the bridge is just wide enough for one car to pass by,
you would be shocked how the community cooperate there.
They don't even need a traffic light!

They just cross the bridge berselang-seli! 

and it reminds me of the goats story!

photo taken from

Well another special thing about this is that after raining days, the bridge will be flooded by the river.
By that time, it would be closed, and the cars would have to take another way.

Kuan Lo mee 

Pisang Goreng with the non-recycled oil

You see it is really fun if you have the time and slowly....

Jalan-jalan cari makan!

Otherwise, do some homework before going there!
By that, the homework means reading my blog! XD LOL
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  1. Tuaran mee not nice meh? Hahaha.. Love the way you blog about Sabah. Next time if my friend want go visit Sabah, I definitely introduce your blog to my friend.

  2. Kuan Lo Mee looks delicious. Waaaaant

  3. oh yes i like that homework means reading ur blog! lol.. i'll KIV this in case i need it in the future :D

  4. Haha. I laughed when i saw the word *diam diam ubi berisi* ! Haha! Nice food and pictures btw ! :D

  5. O__O That Tamparuli mee looks tasty to me even though I've never eaten it before, because that is exactly how I like my dried noodles, lol.

  6. lol. really..i'm referring to ur blog a lot now for my trip.

  7. Diana, it is nice! but i found that im addicted to tamparuli mee! =D

    shuwen, lol, typical kuan lo mee only wor? =p

    merryn, thank you very much! =D anything you could ask me especially abt the planning! =D

    queennie, haha macam u lo! diam diam ubi berisi! lol

    laura, perhaps you should go KK to try it out! =D

    cutebun, opps! sorry! =p

    Emeryn, haha thanks! =D


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