Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sneak Peek/Teaser

Henry Tan | 11:42 PM |
I'm back after a week of abandoning my blog!

But NO I can't update my blog yet! TT

I still gotta do FYP and Internship presentation slides! SIGH!

But anyhow, here's the sneak peek of How-I-Spent-My-Busy-Week!

Guess what happen to my leg? =(

Well, stay tune to find out! =D
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  1. LOL tengah practise izzit? XD


  2. LOL I miss this kind of practice when i'm still in high school XD

  3. same here... having my internship and I can't get much time to update my blog. let's jia you.

  4. fish, cehhh not fun geh u so fast know ad!

    kuromeowiie, u used to be in RC too?

    blackswan.. hoho! nice huh?

    anne lee, u too! =D


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