Monday, January 30, 2012

Book of the Month @ January

Henry Tan | 12:28 PM |
If you read my previous post about my 2012 Resolutions,
you will know that one of it is to read atleast 1 book per month.
And so, here's my Book of the Month - January! =D

"From Bankruptcy to Multi-Millions in 7 Years"

This is actually one of the 4 books I bought using the RM200 book vouchers! =DDD
This thin little book costs me for RM38.
But I believe every book worth for its value! =D

Hence, I'm gonna share with you some of the things I learnt from the book.
Most of the investment books have the same philosophy,
but what you read is their personal experiences. =)

Why can't you? 

True enough, isn't it? 

The last chapter marks the end of the book!
So yeah people,
if you want to dream, dream BIG!

"If you wish for the stars,
you will touch the sky!" 
- Jerome Tan - 

Stay tune for the book of the month @ February. =D
Happy reading people! =)
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  1. Life is not jsut about living. It is about how you can make a difference in yourself and other people's lives.

    This is a marvelous quote. And i love it. It inspired me. Thanks.

  2. haha I never can read investment books >.< I prefer fiction :p currently reading James Patterson's Beach House now..and I like your a-book-a-day philosophy...I should do that too xD

  3. wha.. and how much pages is that.. I tend to read this kind of book ages ago.. now, novel is the only reading material i have.. the most interesting book I've ever read is Dare to Fail.. Ho ho ho..

  4. Wow, Henry! A young man with big heart. Good for sharing this but too bad, I don't understand regarding this investment.

  5. Light up, its good to inspire people around you! =D

    choulyin, haha! a book a month ler! not so free! =p

    aki, whoots! dare to fail! sounds motivating! lol

    diane, yup! haha! is okay! u could ask me personally if u are interested! =D

  6. Looks like u're gonna it rich in no time, Henry! I read motivation books at times but it doesn't seem to work on my teenage son :< All the best to your dreams!

  7. very good read and you're certainly of the few that I know who put their voucher to good use:D

    well done!

  8. Wah.. very inspiring book indeed! I'll see you in 7 years ok? :D

  9. very nice book. Between the voucher can be used to buy just any books?? Which bookstore u went to?

  10. very nice book. Between the voucher can be used to buy just any books?? Which bookstore u went to?

  11. Wow such an encouraging post here, yeah !! =D

  12. That's why I will never be rich. I save money for a rainy day...

  13. Wah...nice post and thought.
    Yes i always dream becoming rich but dont know how


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