Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Day of Work @ Agilent

Henry Tan | 8:57 PM |
So finally! First day of my career life! =D
I'm no longer a student!

I'm now a working adult! XD

I've been waiting for this day since high school!
So you know how excited I am.
With luck and fate, I got into Agilent. =D

In case you don't know what's Agilent, click here.

For now, I will be at work from 8-5 on weekdays!
Meaning I will blog much lesser ad! =(

So dear readers...

Please do visit once a day k? =(((

Pinjam from Shrek 2. LOL

I'll try to update once a day at night! =)
Stay tuned!
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  1. all the best in ur working life!

  2. Wow congratulations!
    Good luck for your new career :)

  3. wao....agilent actually familiar to me...I saw it everytime I used GC,HPLC...haha, you work as??

  4. congratz that u have graduated. hope you have a good boss.

  5. Once again, good luck and all the best in your career. Work hard, k?

  6. camy, thanks! =D

    jennie, thanks! hoho!

    Jia ying, lol! wow! that's odd! especially coming from a girl! LOL erm engineer. =)

    anne, haha i hope so too! =D

    suituapui, yup i will! and sorry la i didnt visit your blog that often! will do it everyday now! ;)

  7. Welcome to the working life BRO!! ^_^.v..

  8. All the best to your new career, Henry! Enjoy working life :)

  9. All d best! :) happy working sayang!


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