Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feb-2012 @ Budget Allocation

Henry Tan | 5:28 PM |
I am so excited that I already did allocation for my Feb-2012 budget.
To me, of course it is a good thing to manage my money at the beginning.
Just like a country! LOL *as if I'm Ah Jib Gor!* LOL

So here's mine for Feb-2012!

Well, I fully utilized my extra money for investment.
I am young and I could take up high risk.
So this is the best allocation that I have made.

Any comment or advice for me? =D
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  1. Your allocation for utilities are higher than food? Your utilities include petrol?

  2. Good to invest in such a young age. :) Anyway, be wise on selection of investments. :)

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  3. Pandai! It's nice to know investment plays a big role in your budget. I fail in budget planning... that's why u dun see me holding money.

  4. good smart move! what are you thinking of investing in?

    i first started in mutual funds which i still do now by contributing X% of my income into it every month.

  5. Luporti, that RM150 for my household utilities lo. =(

    Meitzeu, thanks! yup! i have been waiting for this day! haha

    Merryn, lol thanks! ya meh? I thought I just saw luxury valentine's spa and kid spa. =p

    missyblurkit, im a UTC too. so yeah, investing in mutual funds. =)

    ken, mutual funds. but some are allocate for shares when market drops. =)

  6. RM150 for utilities and you spend less than that for food? You are incredible... I spend almost 40% on food... --_____________--lll

    Just be careful what you invest in. Good luck. =D

  7. j_fish. haha coz im currently staying at home, den my house got cook. =D

  8. Wow, good you do plan! investment is very riskly and expensive but you can share with your parent or bro/sis to make investment. :P Last year, I eat and travel alot! This year, I want to jimat money and have to diet. lol


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