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SARA 1Malaysia

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Big day is coming for SARA 1Malaysia!
In fact, it's TOMORROW! 30/1/2012

What's so BIG huh?

It's the time for SARA 1Malaysia open for application!

In case you don't know what SARA 1Malaysia is...
Here are a few things that you just need to know!

1. Ah Jib Gor guaranteed the return!

Statement below by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak:
“We guarantee that those who pay cash will get RM134 monthly or RM13,000 after five years. Those who take up a loan will have to pay the bank RM84 a month and receive cash of RM50 a month, or RM5,000 after five years.”

Even though it is not mention in, but our current PM guarantee it during the launch. So the question is...

Is it too good to be true?

Well, whatever the answer is...
That's the risk that you have to take!

2. How to invest?
Case 1: Invest with your OWN money, 5K
You will get:
RM134 monthly
RM13,000 after 5 years (if left untouched)

Case 2: Invest with your LOAN money, 5K 
You will get:
RM50 monthly
RM5,000 after 5 years (if left untouched)
Can loan from Maybank, CIMB, RHB or BSN.

3. Am I eligible?

  • Malaysians aged between 18 and 58 years;
  • Applicants must have a combined gross household monthly income of between RM500 – RM3,000;
  • Applicants must not be declared bankrupt throughout the loan funding period
  • Applicants and / or spouse(s) must not be a beneficiary of other Government special schemes managed by Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB) i.e.”Program Pembangunan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT)”, “ASB Sejahtera” and “ASW2020-Bandar”;
  • Applicants and / or spouse (s) do not have any investments in ASNB unit trusts, OR, if there is, applicants and /or spouse(s) (household) have a combined aggregate investment totaling RM10,000 or less in all ASNB products;
  • Only one household is eligible to obtain the loan funding

For more information, visit .

So, have you decided yet? =D

Personally, I do think that YOU SHOULD IF YOU COULD!
Well, not everyone can be eligible easily with all the criterias of SARA 1Malaysia.

If you could, why not?

Either you take loan or take out your cash, the ROI of SARA 1Malaysia is definitely a pretty one!

Friendly reminder:
Even if you are qualified, only 30% allocated to Chinese.
So good luck in competing with others! =p

Remember to go 
early in the morning!
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  1. i wonder how many ppl will actually take this up?

  2. hmmm i just know a lot of people doubt about it. there are so many questions that their own website doesn't state clearly! I'm gonna go bank later to find it out! =D

  3. it is not surprise if the RM500 million quota will br sold out in few days. The interest paid for the loan is almost zero.

  4. I have went for application this morning.. It added another new term, which is the applicant must either married or single mother/father. T__T

  5. Try to use guaranteed payday loans responsibly. When you apply for a loan, look ahead to be sure you will be able to repay it when the time comes. Many loan establishments will permit you to renew the loan, but of course there is always an extra charge to be paid for this reprieve.

  6. khairul, yup! too bad too many restriction! and who's so free to go anyway? haha

    凯 ** 玮 * =S too bad then! sigh!

    Suzie, yup, that's the price to pay! so make sure one knows what they are dealing with before rushing into any decision! =D


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