Thursday, June 20, 2013

Minion Rush @ Despicable Me 2

Henry Tan | 10:53 PM |
Recently the cute yellow little ones - Minion from Despicable Me is so popular again!
I'm sure you know who are they!
Well, the movie is coming soon in 4th of July!
But while waiting for the movie...

Let's play Minion Rush! =D

Well, after installed the app, there will still be some extra downloading.
So perhaps you wanna do it with Wi-Fi. ;)

So starting with the story line! =D

Seeeeee! So cute! 

Another downloading before you start the game!

~~~Spoiler starts here~~~

Let's start the game!

Basically it is similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfer!

Whereby you get to take the rocket!

Avoid all these! Train? Bomb? I have no idea!

Avoid knocking on all these too!

Okay! Enough with the spoilers!
Go try it yourself! =D

Before I end my post...

Let's sing a Banana Song! 
Ba Ba Ba~~ Ba Ba Na Na~~ 

Enjoy the game!
Till then. ;)
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  1. this seems fun but i got too many games installed already and i'm keeping up with 3 games at the moment :(

    1. fuhhh! bro u are a serious gamer! haha i dont usually play game one except this!

  2. Looks fun.... Might dl itnto try! Haha

    1. very cute only! the game almost similar to temple run and subway surfer. haha

  3. yay! yes!! my friend download it and i nickname all the minions as bananas!!

  4. i download le but cant play lehh

  5. I'm playing too, apparently It's a combination of everything HAHA!

  6. Hahaha my bf downloaded it too! XD


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