Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My First Payroll

Henry Tan | 10:32 PM | |
If you got my Facebook, then you will know....

I got my FIRST payroll today!

I don't mean to "invite" people to rob me. *afterall my salary very low TT*
But I just can't hide my excitement! 

As usual, everyone asking to treat!

Well, if you know me well.
I am the person that doesn't mind to treat people eat. ;)
So yeahhh, those in other place, come Penang, I treat makan! XD

I have been waiting for this day since...
Secondary school! *I-am-serious*
I even entered university for foundation earlier (January intake),
so that I could graduate earlier and work!
While some of the friends went to work part time. 

I give up small money on part time, 
so that I could earn big money earlier. XD

Anyhow, if you read my previous post, Feb Budget Allocation
you would see this...

My budget allocation BEFORE getting the payroll. =X

So, somehow there's some changes need to be done. =S
Due to EPF, Tax and some other unexpected expenses.
Ohya, and also Relationship Fund, in case you didn't read about my Valentine's Gift. =p

So you see, there are some changes.
My investment allocation dropped 12%.
And the 5% Relationship Fund as promised. ;)

Well, like my best friend said:


It means Plans never catch up with Changes.
True isn't it?
But still...

Fail to plan, plan to fail!

Hoho! Happy working everyone! =D
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  1. Wow, rarely see guy who will allocate their salary precisely! How can you spend relationship fund more than your food? Are you on diet everyday HAHA

  2. If you are living in KL there's no way your utilities and food fund can be so little. It will take a huge chunk out of your paycheck! oh btw, the relationship fund escalate to double in the Klang Valley too :P

  3. LOL! whoever got you as her bf sure very happy one! got all planning alrdy :)

  4. Haha...I'll see you in Penang, Henry Tan!! And cngrats on your first pay roll! xD

  5. So cool.. wait til I got salary to begin with. =/

  6. really got follow ur allocation plan? But good planning because u included 'savings' =)

  7. 5% is to stand by bring me dating is it? So sweet JK JK JK Later all your fans/GF whack me T_T
    Nothing to do with what I feel, just found something that really pissed me off but gonna prepare them in the morning :p

    reply from: http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=6859526527093020033&postID=7674104672472912199&isPopup=true

  8. Investment drops by 12%, saving drops by 10% and expenses are increasing. Perhaps, you need to implement something call, 'invest and saving first, spend later'. Hehe.

  9. uwah. so systematic. summroe got chart :P

  10. Hey Henry, congrats! Nice planning you've got there :) I'm happy for u!

  11. i like your pie chart..
    i use to do it for my presentation to my bosses n now i c it over here....
    u r indeed a well planned person...
    Good luck in your investment.....
    next time if i come over just treat me d PG ABC...


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