Thursday, March 1, 2012

Book of the Month @ February

Henry Tan | 8:35 PM |
Here's the Book of the Month @ January.
So yeah, my one-month-one-book continues.
But this time is in Chinese.

Thanks to Liam, my colleague in Agilent.
He introduced this new book to me.
It is called as....

Dead End

绝路 by Edmund Lee

It is actually about the story of Edmund Lee.
Whereby he went thru ups and downs. *typical book huh?*
And how he deals with it.

To move on, first you gotta put down something else.

Just keep moving on. ;)

Think positive, do positive! =D

True isn't it?

Keep changing until you find a way out! =D


The bigger the ambition, 
the greater the achievement.

What I like about this book "绝路" is that,
his perspectives towards life.
Some of the theories given are actually simple and everyone knows,
but not many will apply it in life.


Read this everyday to remind yourself! ;)

Enjoy reading people! =D
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  1. looks interesting! Inspired me to spend my book voucher, haha.

  2. Good .. I also practice 1 book/ mth...
    Life is continuous learning...

  3. If every one thing such a way, the world won't be this complicated. :)

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  4. chinese book. am so envious fo people who can read in chinese.

    keep up the good effort on reading!

  5. Interesting content but the book title is kind of un-attractive lmao :P

  6. When I was working last time, my boss will drop me motivational quotes daily. Interesting eh?

  7. wow that sounds so inspirational. hope to learn something from there :)

    Latest: Pick The Best from The Rest!

  8. those quotes are meaningful :)


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