Sunday, February 26, 2012

Satay @ Nurul Ikan Bakar, Batu Uban

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Went for satay with another two colleagues.
Supposed to have more, but all last minute can't make it. *sigh*
Well, I can hardly find any famous shop that specifically sell satay in Penang. =(
So somehow they introduce this one to me.

I miss Satay Kajang! =(((

So here's the one from Nurul Ikan Bakar.

Satay daging! =D

Satay Ayam

Teh O Ice Longan

Well, our table is actually on top of the tree.

You can stalk the people at the other tree. XD

Or even stalk the people below. XD

The nice lightings! 

Frankly speaking, it wasn't the best that I have eaten before.
In fact, the chicken satay was burnt as you see from the photos.
The daging satay was definitely better as in the texture.
One thing for sure, they need to work hard on the kuah!

Taste: 6/10 (Not up to par!)
Price: 7/10 (RM0.70 per stick!)
Environment: 7/10 (Not bad, especially the seats on top of the tree)
Service: 6/10 (Slow! Due to the non-stop-coming customers)

But for sure, next time I should try out their Ikan Bakar.
Afterall, their shop is famous for ikan bakar. =D

Here's the map:

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  1. On top of the tree while having satay! I really would love to have that. I also having satay too but yesterday with bf nearby Tg Aru beach. I guess u know where is that =D

  2. OMGG So cool to eat on top of a tree, in a treehouse :D Now I feel like having satay too *craving*

  3. Good one.. urban runner..Having meal on the top of tree!

  4. Top of the tree! FTW! Satay! I just had it this morning with mee jawa! XD

  5. Satay looks good ..
    doesn't seem to be very burnt...

  6. i only eat pasar malam satay :X

  7. Yummmmm...satay is supposed to be best burnt!!! Ya...I love the Kajang ones too... Not so nice - the ones that we have here. :(

  8. 70 cent? i've found some even in KL as cheap as 50 cent each only :DD

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  9. DT, i didnt get to try the one in tanjung aru. =( wow seems like everyone is having satay recently! =p

    Hilda milda, just do it! go eat now! =p now is satay season. =p

    nikel, yup! but i havent try jemputree!

    sherrie, LOL! wow! everyone is having satay recently! =D

    Isaac, really? =D good good! lets hunt for penang satay when u back!

    simple person, hmmm coz i cover most of it ad. =X

    camy, LOL which pasar malam?

    suituapui, SERIOUSLY? =S cancer-causing material leh! =X


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