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Boutique Bystroe @ Burmah Road, Penang

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If you are looking for not-an-ordinary-dining-place to go,
then you should totally read on!

Boutique + Bistro = Boutique Bystroe

Well, probably you could find a lot in KL, but not Penang.
So here it is, Boutique Bystroe provides you boutique on the upstairs and bistro on the downstairs.
Not just that, they even got books and games! =D

**Long post with a lot of photos!

It's a bit hard to spot the shop, since it is quite hidden.

The small counter inside the shop.

Seeee! They are so good! 

Their menus quite special huh? Like in a scroll! =D

Ohya, they are hiring!
Not sure if they want hire me part time! LOL

Your feedback will be pasted on the wall! =D

The library corner! =D

The games corner! =D

The cakes corner! =D

And of course the staircase to heaven! LOL

Oh, I mean boutique, heaven for girls. XD

How about bar table? =p

So, next is the thing I like! =DDD


See this girl drawing? Macam so pro huh? LOL

Reminds me of childhood. Hmmmm!

Some of the drinks we ordered, in those nice bottles too! =D




American burger!

And total of RM93 for 3 persons! 

Interested to see how's our bottle? =D
Here it is.... XD

Before being bake and process for around 20 minutes...

Well, we were rushing for movie.
So... I took it few days later....

They put this bag inside of the fridge and IDK why! LOL

After baked, somehow the color like loosen or something. =(

But still...

I like it very much! =DDD

Because got my blog link? XD


because it was drawn by 3 pretty girls! LOL


And I found this nice effect at this angle! =DDD

Taste: 7/10 (Bistro style of food, nothing really special)
Price: 7/10 (Normal bistro price!)
Environment: 9/10 (Probably one of the coziest place in Penang!)
Service: 10/10 (Super friendly and not forget to mention pretty. XD LOL)
Average: 8.25/10

Well, like I said,
if you are looking for a nice place to treat yourself after a busy week,
then you should totally go Boutique Bystroe!


Girls go boutique,
Boys go read book,
Friends go play game,
Everyone eat together at the end.

One place can settle all!
And most importantly,
If a normal dinner is too boring for you,
Boutique Bystroe is definitely suitable for you!
Atleast you get to *draw something* with your love one! =DDD

I highly recommended this place. =)

For more info,
Check out their Facebook: Boutique Bystroe

**FYI, They didnt pay me or even give me free meal to do all this. TT
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  1. Haha. I am going to bring HER there next week!

  2. Pg is famous of this kind of concept restaurant

  3. Wah the place really so hidden wor... I can't even see the name of the restaurant in your photo le hahaha

  4. wow! nice concept of this restaurant! :D

  5. wouldn't it be difficult to read the scroll menu?..

    1. Yes, it is really difficult to read the scroll menu. I even read it upside down!

      However, it is a really creative idea.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. do you get to take all the glass back for any drinks that you order or is it only for selected drinks? its a very interesting concept...fun too! has been ages since i drew on my own mug / glass.

  8. im interested in the boutique part and also the hand-drawn glasses. customizable eh? :D

  9. All these gimmicks to attract customers! The most important thing is the food must be VERY nice and reasonable priced. No need for all the unnecessary stuff - no matter what, if the food is not great and not affordable, they'll close down soon, I'm sure...

  10. Very interesting place indeed. Good post!


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