Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clarke Quay @ Singapore

Henry Tan | 11:11 PM |
Went to Singapore last year Christmas.
But till I still haven't finish upload all. =S

Anyway, here's the photos of Clarke Quay.

At the MRT station, I like the effect! =D

Again, the reflection of the mirror. 
But inside of the MRT this time. haha

Clarke Quay! the new place! =D

with all the colorful lightings! 

you can even take the cruise! =D

the Riverside Point, next to Clarke Quay!

Beautiful, isn't it? =D

well, it's really city of lights! =D

Just photos with a short note for this post. ;)

I can be nice, if you are nice.
I can be fun, if you are fun too. =D

Good night people.
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  1. Never been there before... I should visit there sometime! :)

  2. clarke quay looks awesome T_T singapore, when will your scenery come to malaysia?

    Latest: Malaysian Version of "International"

  3. i took photos of clarke quay too! :D

  4. so many ppl went to singapore for christmas, I jealous...
    the lightings of clark quay looks like the sceen in those movie.... so nice.

  5. Been there.. Night view should be better than day view!

  6. wow, this make me wanna go singapore.. ok, next trip then.. :D..

  7. i've never been to Clarke Quay during christmas. but this place is still as cheery and lively as usual.

    never too late to share good pictures and happy memories. share more ok?

  8. wow! Clarke Quay is a very nice place, especially at night! :)

  9. nice blog

    need bali info


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