Monday, April 16, 2012

Call Me Maybe! =p

Henry Tan | 9:25 PM | |
Heard a lovely song when I was on the way home from work.
The lyrics are so catchy as it sounds like that....

Hey I just met you and this is crazy~~
Here's my number, so call me maybe~~!

Immediately it caught my attention and I went home google for it.
A nice song indeed from a Canadian singer, Carly Rae Jepsen.

I would definitely call her! XD

If only she will gives me her number. TT

Must watch video! Especially at 0:20! (For girls!!)

In fact, she isn't the only one who caught my attention.
But also this guy - Holden Nowell.


I don't wish for super muscular body...
Something like that is more than enough! >.< 

I did some search about this guy.
I don't mean to sound like a gay... =X
But it's always best to have a target. XD
I mean his body! =DDD

So here's more of his photos for girl's viewing pleasure!

In the video, he did this... and Carly was attracted by him!

Who doesn't right?!!!

Look at his handsome-cool-smile!!!

Okay, how many girls are crazy into him right now?
Or atleast his body? =X

I swear I'm going to get that body!!!

And I will go lawn mowing everyday around my house! XD
Hopefully there will be girl giving me number!!! LOL
Will there be any girl willing to give me number?

It's 9.30pm and I start dreaming already. =p
Have a good night people. ;)
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  1. I watched the video before. So funny at the end of the video. I don't want be the spoiler here. Hehehe

  2. dreaming indeed! u swearyou're gonna get this body? I have some serious thing to talk to u ..reply me when u see this..;DDDDDDD

  3. to get that body you really need to be very determine and put alot of effort. a very tough one.

  4. Well balanced diet and exercise - You are on your way to perfect body!

  5. LOL the funny scene was started at 2.23 =P

  6. Gosh! That bloke looks absolutely yummy with his muscles:D

  7. wow ~ all the best to train that body then XD

  8. haha to be honest, those guy look good. but i'll feel scare standing beside them haha!

  9. im more interested in the lenglui == the guy seems err..way too many around the entertainment world nowadays

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  10. haha, i wish my future bf has this type of body too :P btw, thanks for ur wishes in my blog, appreciate it! :D

  11. can u please find out who the guys in the garage were?


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