Saturday, May 19, 2012

Challenge 2: Be Grateful

Henry Tan | 12:54 AM |
Check out the: Challenge 1: Oatmeal for Breakfast
Update: I'm still eating oatmeal everyday! =D

So after a long time, finally here comes the next challenge.

Challenge 2: Be Grateful!

We always take things for granted,
How many of you actually appreciate people around you?

Sun gives brightness and warm.
But will it be there forever?

No one is responsible to be nice with you and treat you well all the time.
Just because you get used to be treated well doesn't mean that you can take it for granted.
Too bad, we always forget about that.
So let's do this challenge!

Show your gratitude to at least 1 person per day.
Thank you. ILY.

Well of course, it MUST be sincere.
It is better to include with the reason.

It is simple but means a lot to some one else. ;)

Let's do it! ;)

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  1. be grateful, YEAH!!! HIGH 5! BUDDY!

  2. i always b grateful to others....
    n remember those who treat me good n forget those bads...
    to forgive n forget.... :)

  3. Very nice and meaningful ;')

  4. Yes, sincere! :)

    P.S please eat ur oatmeal everyday yeah! HEALTHY!! :D

  5. wow how did you get the sun shining so directly one? so pro! :D

    Latest: Romantic Affair 2.0

  6. You put that status in your FB so random wan. No name stated oso.. Just like if I put, "I love YOU". My hubs will think I am loving him but in fact, I'm stating it to my other boyfriends out there :P

  7. good job with the oats! i am not so regular with it now but am still very regualr with my breakfast of fruits and nuts.

  8. gratitude nowadays, is a rarity.

    i always appreciate people who remain grateful.

    ps : thank you for visiting my blog. :)


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