Friday, May 18, 2012

Sunrise Beach Restaurant @ 3D2N Koh Lipe

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After check-in to our hotel, Harmony Bed & Breakfast in the last post,
So here's our first lunch in Koh Lipe! =D

Sunrise Beach Restaurant! =D

You can easily find this shop along Sunrise Beach.

With the perfect seaview! =D

and the group of friends! 

Luckily the menu is in English! =D

While waiting for our food to arrive...

We play some games! =D

Still remember this? =DDD

Ice Mocha! 

Grilled Mackerel with Sunrise Sauce! =D

To share with all my friends....

I cut it perfectly! XD

A bit surprised that they gave the whole White Snapper. 

Thai Style Fried Noodle
The noodle a bit like rubber band except different color. =.=

The fried rice is better though.

Sorry that I have forgotten all their names. =S
The food not to say very nice, but overall still okay for me.
But the white snapper's texture is flaccid or what I called LEMBIK!
Probably not so fresh I supposed?

Taste: 7/10 (Everything is okay except the white snapper)
Price: 7/10 (Not too expensive, RM15-20 for the fish)
Environment: 7/10 (Seaview!)
Service: 7/10 (Slow! One person did everything! =.=)

We also hired for the snorkelling trip from the shop owner.
Stay tuned to find out the rest of the trip! =D

Journey to Koh Lipe @ 3D2N Koh Lipe

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  1. Food looks good. I love Thai! are a good cutter, I see... Hehehehehe!!!!!

  2. Perfect cut! Well done:D

    The salad looks good...seriously good.

  3. Even me, I still don't know the name of these dishes.. ^0^

  4. i love this post!! lots of 'mam mam' heeheheh!;DD

  5. really can see sunrise there? :DD i wanna eat the 'eggyolk' (sun) :P

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  6. I look forward to eating there as I head for Koh Lipe in 8 days and will be staying at Gypsy Bungalows on Sunrise Beach. Thanks for the post and the information on the food.


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