Sunday, June 3, 2012

Home Alone

Henry Tan | 11:14 AM |

I am sure you know who he is.

The Home Alone Kid!

Don't worry, I'm not gonna show you that face. XD

Yup, my childhood movie - Home Alone.
With quite a number of episode that I forgot how many was it.
Anyhow, what I wanna say is....


Okayyy, maybe not that excited anymore.
Well, I remember when I was young,
We were really really happy when parents not at home.
Imagine, I was being raised in a strict family, so yeah, that explains!

So here are the things that I would do when I'm home alone:

Lying on sofa, eating junk food and watching tv!

When mum is around,
Lying on sofa and watch tv, NO! 
Eating junk food, BIG NO!
So probably that's the top thing to do when home alone. HAHAHA

Mess up everything!

Not to say mess up, but rather not cleaning or tidying it?
Again, when mum is around, probably we won't want to do that,
otherwise getting caned is the next thing we know. LOL

Just enjoy like there's no tomorrow!

And it arrives when...

we heard the car engine infront the house...

That's it!
We gotta settled everything within like 3minutes?
Guess what, not just turning off tv or cleaning up the mess.

A list of house chores to do!!

Yes, mum always give a list of tasks to do when they are out. TT

Well, there're a lot of different endings.
Some either I get to finish itskip it or even pretend that I have done it. =.=
But let me tell you something that I personally think, is the funniest ending...

I told mum that....

"Where you put the "To Do List"? 
I never see it pun!"

Yes, pretending that I've never seen the list.

Guess what's the ending?


My mum isn't stupid at all.
She purposely put the TV controller on top of the To-Do-List.
So I am supposed to see it already since I moved the TV controller to the sofa. =.=

ZZZzzzzz! How can I be so stupid! =.=

Well that's pretty much the things I do when I'm home alone.

Somehow, now it's not the same anymore.
Parents went to travel, both sisters not staying at home already.
There are no sisters to do stupid things with me anymore. =(
There are no canning session anymore. =(

All I felt is the loneliness at home. Hmmmm.

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  1. Hahahaha! The ending was funny! (Although I dont think I was supposed to laugh....)
    Hmm... luckily i didn't have many (if any) chores to do when my parents are out, so usually i would just read a book or play video games. XD

  2. aww home alone bro? Blog more! waahaha

    1. haha but im not at home most of the time! hahaha

  3. Replies
    1. hahaha too bad i dont inherited with that. haha

  4. lol. home alone? i will just zzzz then cook something and back to zzzz.

    and yes...stalk your blog too >.<

  5. haha so big boy already, can stay alone at home ya XD

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  6. I love being along... Laze around, relax, do nothing! LOL!!! Hmmm...who hasn't been caned when young? Part of growing up in our society, I guess.

    1. lol well nowadays no more? haha
      yupp... probably just do nothing! haha

  7. hah! U liked being caned?!! kinky there u nih!! u are the only boy ah? No wonder u r a pretty boy :)

  8. home alone eh? not that bad what. independent! :D

    1. lol well... just... that kind of feeling! haha

  9. Hahaha! What a witty post! I'd fun reading it, Henry :)

  10. That's my fave childhood movie too!!!

    And wow for being caned, that's really... painful but it just sounds so funny when you write this out. =x

  11. Lying on sofa, eating junk food and watching tv, u can do it when u r not alone too mah lol

    1. errr.. well i cant when my mum is at home. =)

  12. that couch potato..


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