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Empire Sushi @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

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Empire Sushi® is a quick-service sushi kiosk with a trendy appeal that attracts sushi lovers living in the fast lane. Their speedy service and comfy environment cater to modern fast-paced lifestyle. Order what you want and be on your way to dine in or take out within just few minutes. We got the chance to try out at the outlet in Gurney Plaza, Penang. Read on!

Enjoy 70++ of Sushi On-The-Go As Low As RM1.10!

At Empire Sushi®, they take time-honoured sushi recipes and make them with quality. Their sushi is Muslims-friendly, which is NO MIRIN, NO ALCOHOL, NO PORK, NO LARD. Customers enjoy hand-crafted sushi made from only the freshest ingredients available. Empire Sushi® is committed to delivers a variety of fast, fresh products with fantastic value that you can feel good about eating.

Empire Sushi® serves Sashimi, Gunkan, Nigiri & Inari, Premium Maki, Temari, Western-style Sushi, Onigari and Temaki. It offers fresh sushi in a clean, casual and contemporary café-style ambience. Now serving at strategic locations in major cities and they are reaching out to serve more sushi enthusiasts around the country.

Previously we had tried at Empire Sushi® outlet in Amanjaya Mall, Sungai Petani during our 3D2N Getaway to Cinta Sayang Resort. We were impressed with the variation of their sushi, especially some of those that you cannot find it elsewhere such as the Lobster Salad Inari, Tako Yaki Inari, Chuka Hotate, Abalone sushi and so on! 

Most of the Japanese Restaurant available in Malaysia are more towards dine-in concept, so Empire Sushi ventured into the blue ocean with the grab-and-go concept for Malaysian. Not only that it is quick service, Empire Sushi® is selling their sushi at a very affordable price for most Malaysian too. So as expected, it is very well accepted by Malaysian, as it matches with the Hokkien style - "Pan Gi (Cheap) Tua Teh (Big Size)" or the Cantonese style - "Peng (Cheap), Leng (Decent), Jeng (Tasty)". 

The sushi were very delicious that you would not need to add wasabi or any soy sauce. But of course they are available at RM1.20 each too. Overall, we enjoyed our sushi at Empire Sushi®. Next time, if you have the sudden urge for sushi but do not want to sit in to eat, then Empire Sushi® should be on top of your list! They have 15 outlets all over Malaysia, so you can get them in most of the shopping malls!

Check map below for all Empire Sushi® outlets:

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