Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ramadhan Bazaar @ Bayan Baru

Henry Tan | 9:41 PM |
Well first of all...
I would like to wish all my Muslim friends...

Selamat Berpuasa~~!!

Not sure if is correct to wish like that. >.<
Well for a food blogger like me...
I bet you know what it means to me. =p


Nasi Lemuni - RM5

Rice cook with daun Lemuni.

Well, Nasi Lemuni is rare to find. ;)


Ayam Awet Muda!!!

Funny name isn't it? LOL

Ayam Percik - RM5

Cucur Udang

I didn't know they got Tau Gua also?!

1 Cucur Udang + 1 Tau Gua - RM1.60

A lot of kuih-kuih for you to choose.

A lot of people! 

Well, I believe this is quite a big bazaar at least within southern Penang.
There are a lot of stalls over there.
And... there's one whole month for me to slowly explore! =D

So what are you waiting for? =p

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  1. what is nasi lemuni?i never listen before.

  2. Wau, the nasi lemuni looks like sesame rice to me, never seen it before neh!

  3. Yes nasi lemuni is very rare to find. How i miss bazar ramadhan at penang where u can cheap and delicious food

  4. Never heard of nasi lemuni before :O paiseh ah I was busy eating when I was in Penang,no time to choi u hahaha!! XD

  5. Ooooo...hungry! Hey! That fried popiah so popular - almost habis liao! I haven't been to the stalls here - very lazy. Must be getting old...plus no money as well. Sobssss!!!!

  6. first time i heard about nasi lemuni..
    I like the ikan bilis..

  7. I've not been to a bazaar since I got Ethan :(

  8. I actually never tried going to these bazaars before. I'm very picky when it comes to food. But they're really cheap compared to the common foods we have today. Mae Nak 3D 2012 - movie review

  9. You are right, Nasi Lemuni is rare to been seen, I'm not even know about it >.<

  10. Nasi Lemuni? >.< I've never seen it before! So special one :O I think that bazaar always made me spend too much on food and the bazaar near my place not nice one HAHA :p

    P/S: yes yes, kuih sepit is also called kuih kapit for chinese!

  11. why the rice grey in colour one? :O

  12. I've never been to one of these things. I should, I reckon!!! LOL.


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