Saturday, July 28, 2012

What can I do with Sony Cyber-shot WX100 in my daily life?

Henry Tan | 5:38 PM |
Well, I love to share.
Anything and everything.
The easiest way? Photo!

So a good camera is important to me!

Because photo tells everything! 
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I have my mobile phone and DSLR.
Most of the time, I would just bring mobile phone.
Since DSLR is kinda heavy to bring everywhere.
But trust me, there are a lot of limitations!

I need something in between!

Something like Sony Cyber-shot WX100. =D
And I'm gonna tell you why!

1. Light, Compact body!
Around 18mm - 23mm thick!
Just nice to fit into pocket! =D

2. 18.2MP "Exmor R™" CMOS Sensor 
With Extra High Sensitivity Technology 

Fail to take photo with pretty girl!

This is what happened when it is not sensitive enough.
Give me Sony Cyber-shot WX100 then I will show you the difference! =p

3. 10x Optical Zoom / 20x Clear Image Zoom

Lousy camera can only zoom till here. =(

Can't even show who's on stage! >.<
Only Sony Cyber-shot WX100 can solve my problem!

4. 9 Picture Effect Modes 

Effects that enhance the photos! =D

I like this partial color effect specifically! =D

5. High Speed Auto Focus 

Accurately shoot in only 0.13 seconds!!

And many other reasons more!


Please give it to me! =D

Till then.
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  1. waaaaa........u write so good i dun 1 enter more idea.....T_____T

    1. cehh u also join ad mah. =p
      they shud thank me for helping them to get more ppl to join. =p

  2. I also want!!!! You give me for Christmas, can?

    1. lol. u sangat pandai. as if i will get. =.=

  3. looks like a good camera. All the best! :)

  4. I heard got blogging contest but duno what is the title or subject. Now I know. I also want win. Let's us win together =D. Jia you ooo!

  5. all the best! love the partial effect too :P

  6. Hi Henry, Camy intro your blog to me, if u wish to hv smaller camera with good quality , try buy Canon S100 , after my fren showed me and let me tried it, we feel it is a worth-to-buy compact dslr, quality is sharp n good as dslr, optical zoom stable n vivid..easy to handle ISO, Apecture (2.0f the lowest)and zoom ..

  7. Fuiyoo sexy Choon Xin haha XD Where you went for that first picture? =P

    By the way a nice and simple post, good luck !!! =D

  8. I was laughing when I saw the hastag #iamskinny HAHAHA LOL All the best then!

  9. I feel like participating in this contest, but so lz to write with my own imagination la;p
    All the best to you la!

  10. a compact is a good idea for many occasions. the diea of lugging the dslr is killing me. complete with lense and flash, its almost like doing weights in the gym.


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