Monday, August 27, 2012

What's Your Supper?

Henry Tan | 11:13 PM |
A quick one!
Skip dinner, raining day plus watching the cooking show.


I need something warm to fill my growling stomach!
Guess what? I can't find any food at home.

I posted a photo...

In Facebook...

No one guess it! 

In Instagram...

Eunice guess it right! =DDD

Yupp.. the outcome is...

Maggi Mee!

Guess what...

With two eggs would be like that!

Personally I like the soup to be thick.
With double egg and eat it while it's hot!

So what about you?

What's Your Supper? =D

I know it is super unhealthy! =(
I will go restock for healthy food on the weekend!
I swear!

Till Then! ;)
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  1. I like it thick too!!! And less water!!:D best with Maggi Tomyum!!! OMG hungry~~~~

  2. Bachelor's life saver... You're not staying at home with your parents? Your mum doesn't cook for you? Poor thing! LOL!!!

  3. when i saw the pic last night, i had to close the tab. i was too hungry to think...but yes i love my soupy noodles to be nice and thick with 2 eggs too.

  4. whoa! i like thick soup too1 I love to saute garlic in then add in seafood and mushrooms...walah!!!! seafood noodles...ok la for single..I know its bad but emergency need to eat also hahahaha

  5. LOL too much eggs high cholesterol ar!

  6. Now u making me crave for Maggi! :(

  7. Maggie Mee seem like the best supper ever huh~~

  8. teaching people unhealhty supper. tsk tsk :P

  9. I'm here again.. seeing this again.. grr..


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