Monday, August 27, 2012

What's Your Supper?

Henry Tan | 11:13 PM |
A quick one!
Skip dinner, raining day plus watching the cooking show.


I need something warm to fill my growling stomach!
Guess what? I can't find any food at home.

I posted a photo...

In Facebook...

No one guess it! 

In Instagram...

Eunice guess it right! =DDD

Yupp.. the outcome is...

Maggi Mee!

Guess what...

With two eggs would be like that!

Personally I like the soup to be thick.
With double egg and eat it while it's hot!

So what about you?

What's Your Supper? =D

I know it is super unhealthy! =(
I will go restock for healthy food on the weekend!
I swear!

Till Then! ;)
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  1. I like it thick too!!! And less water!!:D best with Maggi Tomyum!!! OMG hungry~~~~

  2. Bachelor's life saver... You're not staying at home with your parents? Your mum doesn't cook for you? Poor thing! LOL!!!

  3. when i saw the pic last night, i had to close the tab. i was too hungry to think...but yes i love my soupy noodles to be nice and thick with 2 eggs too.

  4. whoa! i like thick soup too1 I love to saute garlic in then add in seafood and mushrooms...walah!!!! seafood noodles...ok la for single..I know its bad but emergency need to eat also hahahaha

  5. Now u making me crave for Maggi! :(

  6. Maggie Mee seem like the best supper ever huh~~

  7. teaching people unhealhty supper. tsk tsk :P

  8. I'm here again.. seeing this again.. grr..


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