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MGI Classic Kitchen @ Lebuh Carnavon, Penang

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Recently there are plenty of cafe or restaurant open up in Georgetown.
And one of it would be MGI Classic Kitchen which is located in Lebuh Carnavon.
Well if you are looking for healthy western food...
Probably this would be a good choice for you!

Starting with this month special promotion...

All about Salmon~~!!!

Salmon Crepe - RM21.80

After open up the crepe, whole chunk of salmon! =DDD
The crepe was a bit soggy, not sure if is intended or not.
But I definitely would like it crispy!

Grilled Chicken Creamy Mushroom - RM15.50
I like the way they grilled the chicken first so that the skin is crispy.
Then with the creamy mushroom on top to make it not too dry.

Alio E Olio Pasta - RM13.50
I think they were using angel hair pasta which is thin and springy! 
Mixed well with coarsely ground garlic, thin slices of mushroom and cherry tomatoes!
Not too dry as they used olive oil to mixed it!

Pan Fried Fish Tomato - RM16.50
The pan fried fish was flavored with tomato basil coulis.
Sourish thick sauce makes it appetizing! 

Too bad the pan fried fish was a little too thin for me! =(

Classic Lamb Chop - RM28.50
The lamb chop was a bit chewy.
Probably because we took too much time snapping photo! >.<
I like the mint sauce as the mint flavor wasn't too strong.
And it's okay as there isn't any gamy lamb smell.

MGI Mushroom Soup - RM6.20
I like the tiny bits of mushroom, but the soup was not thick enough to my liking.

Creamy Potato Soup - RM5.50
This was much thicker!
Creamy and smooth, definitely can warm my stomach! =D

The interior decoration simple and nice.

Cozy right? =D

Salmon lover, head over there now!
Don't miss the August promotion for Salmon! =D

Quite green too!

Is not hard to find them with that bright-lighted signboard. 

Their concept is more to healthy eating!
Most of the ingredients are home made.
Olive oil, unsalted butter, no chicken powder stock, less MSG etc!

Go give it a try! =D

No 3 & 5 Lebuh Carnavon, 
10100 George Town, 
(Previously Post Cafe)

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  1. It's really interesting to see these fillings inside those crepes. Very generous servings! Can't believe the soups are just RM5+! Hard to find in SG :<


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