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I Steamboat City @ Lorong Selamat, Penang

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I'm sure most of you know about Lorong Selamat for its Char Koay  Teow!
Well places with crowds usually will attract more shops!
And among them, one of it would be I Steamboat City restaurant.

They served both during the day and night with different menues.
Let's start with the day time menu:

Day Time (8am - 5pm)

Loh Mee - RM4 (Small) RM5 (Big)
Can add more ingredients with surcharge.
The Loh is quite thick but good enough to make the mee and meehoon smooth to eat.
The fine grinded chilies and garlic make the Loh Mee nicer both taste and smell! =D

Chee Cheong Fun - RM2.50 (2 rolls) RM3.60 (3 rolls)
Added with sweet sauce and prawn paste.
Sprinkled with sufficient sesame to bring in the extra aroma after chewed.

Set A - Pork + Boey Cai + Duck Egg + Porridge/Rice - RM6
Teowchew style of porridge whereby it is watery one.
Plain porridge goes with boey cai and pork is the best combo!

Set B - Sesame Drumstick + Boey Cai + Duck Egg + Rice - RM6
Drumstick cooked with sesame oil is good, added with ginger some more!
Looks like something that pregnant lady would eat! haha

Set C = Garlic Braised Ribs + Boey Cai + Duck Egg + Rice - RM6
Personally, I think insufficient garlic to bring in the aroma to the chicken.
But the pork ribs are well braised that it is soft.

Char Koay Teow! Nope!
This is Char Chee Cheong Fun!
Is like Char Koay Teow but using cheong fan!
It's very special!
Mixed with chopped calamari to make the Char Chee Cheong Fun another different chewy texture!

Hokkien Mee - RM4 (Small) RM5 (Big)

There are a lot of add-on with the price ranging from RM1 to RM3.

Night Time (6pm - 5am)

Yup, you didn't see it wrongly..
They open until 5 in the morning!
So at night it will be steamboat time!

They offer 6 types of steamboat soup to choose from, namely:

Satay soup (Curry)

Ma La soup (Spicy)

Fish soup

Tom Yum soup

Duck soup

The last one would be Prawn soup which is using the same soup for Hokkien Mee.
All the ingredients are for steamboat buffet style!
Which means eat all you can!

RM28.90nett per person!

Ingredient wise, as per normal.

Some special one would be their home made one. 

Quite a varity of handball meatballs, fishballs and whatever balls that you could name it.

But those handmade one are only available for ala-carte.

Their fried meat cube!
Quite tasty like Belacan chicken.

Their home made sauces.

Personally I still prefer tomyum.
Not too spicy, a little bit of sour and sweet.

I like it with my slices of meat. =D

Of course need to balance up with veges too! 

As usual, be reminded that food wastage is bad!

Interior ambiance is quite comfy actually.

With some drawings.

Another nice drawing outside the shop!
Reminds me of "Hell Kitchen"!

For more information could refer to their workers.

Located in Lorong Selamat! 
Very easy to notice their shop with such a huge signboard.

Check out their Facebook :

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