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Isaac Toast & Coffee @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

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Have you heard about Isaac Toast & Coffee?
Well, this name would be familiar if you have been to Korea.
They have more than 900 outlets spreading all over South Korea and also worldwide.

Finally 1st outlet in Malaysia is open!

The first outlet is located inside my beloved beautiful island, Penang! =D

Right in the middle at lower ground floor of Queensbay Mall..

Just a small shop though.. with limited seats..

The story behind Isaac Toast & Coffee is really touching!
But all in all...

"The Happiness Together!"

Always spread happiness to all people in need! =D

Just a small kitchen to prepare both coffee and toast..

Caffe Mocha - RM8.50
The design on top nice right!

Caramel Macchiato - RM8.50
The caramel makes the coffee not too bitter! Just nice!

Turkey Ham Cheese Toast - RM7.30
A layer of cheese, a layer of turkey ham and a layer of egg!
Sandwiching in between of two toasts!
The toast was crispy yet not too dry as there's secret sauce added in.

They called it the "Isaac Sauce"!

Of course, they won't revealed what's in the secret sauce.
But definitely something  sweet! Just like condensed milk!

Hashbrown Toast - RM7.50
Hashbrown and a layer of egg!
Of course with the Isaac sauce too.

Trust me, it is much more appetizing than it looks!
They even added in corns in the layer of egg.
You will be surprised by the sweetness 
popped out from the corn when munching on the toast.

Hot Chocolate - RM7.50
If you don't fancy coffee, hot chocolate is another option.
After all, hot chocolate is good to go with toast too!

Chicken MVP - RM9.90
Wonder what's MVP? MVP - Meat Vegetable Product =.=
The patty consist of 99% meat according to them.

A layer of veges, patty and egg.
Then Isaac sauce again.

Strawberry/Kiwi Yogurt Smoothies - RM7.50
I like it! Not too sour yet not too sweet.
Best part of it, it avoids all the jelak-ness of toast.

Caffe Latte - RM7.50
Bear art is upon request as it takes time to make.

Pizza Toast - RM7.90
Special huh? Who would ever thought that!
Special pizza sauce on top of mushrooms and eggs! 

Hot Green Tea Latte - RM7.50
Heart shape looks nice too huh?
Maybe I should request them to do it on my Strawberry smoothies. lol

Catppucino - RM7.50
The 3D art is upon request too as this needs skill!
Cute right? =D

Personally I think their toast is awesome.
Especially with the Isaac Sauce that does wonder to the toast.

Well, do give it a try! =D

There must be a reason why they can open up more than 900 outlets nationwide right. ;)
You will never know that this would be the next-big-thing!

Isaac Toast & Coffee, 
Queensbay Mall 
Lower Ground Floor
(opposite sticky candy)

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  1. the those so huge. one mouth can bite finish?

  2. wow.. I like those toast.. will it open at KL?

  3. why your macchiato and my macchiato char so far one? hahahaha

  4. omgggggggg! 900 outlets! Hashbrown toast and Chicken MVP makes me drool!!!!

  5. wow! i walked past this shop before in queensbay but i didn't know it was the only outlet here! the toast seem so nice! i regretted not going in now..argh!

  6. oh wow the coffee art look so nice!

  7. May I know when does it start permanently close? What the issue?

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