Friday, September 27, 2013

Nuffnang Sponsored Post : The Sweet ESCAPE with Celcom

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Too busy with your hectic work life? Tired of all the assignments and exams?
Longing for a temporary getaway from the reality to your own world?
Well, Celcom ESCAPE app would be perfect for that!
And best of all?

You'll never be alone!

Introducing the new app - Celcom ESCAPE!

You could get it now for FREE at both Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Android Apps.
Now let me show you my experience on the sweet ESCAPE! =D

With ESCAPE app, you can enjoy your own world of entertainment wherever you go! 
And the first thing that caught my attention would be "I'm Jackie Chan!" right at the homepage.

Yessss!! You can now watch him now in ESCAPE app!
All his famous movies could be watched in ESCAPE app! 


"Don't you know me?? I'm Jackie Chan!"

You can watch it anywhere, anytime!
It is compatible for smartphone, tablet and even laptop! 
Pause on one device, continue on another device!
How useful is that isn't it!

There are all sorts of movies and series genre for you to choose! 
One of my all time favorite - Armageddon!!
Perfect romantic-touching movie!

See even got America's Funniest Home Videos to cheer you up! 
Too stress with work? Take a break, ESCAPE to watch funniest videos! =D

Cool huh? Well register now at to ESCAPE!
Available exclusively to Celcom subscribers nationwide!
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