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Day 7 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip

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In case you haven't read the previous post. ;)

So here's the Day 7 for 7D6N Taiwan Trip. =D

Summary for Day 6:
Mr.J French-Italian Restaurant (Mr J 義法廚房) @ Taipei Medical University (台北醫學院學校內)
Vieshow Cinemas (威秀影城) @ Taipei City (台北市)
Bye Bye Taiwan @ Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei)

Mr.J French-Italian Restaurant (Mr J 義法廚房) 
@ Taipei Medical University (台北醫學院學校內)

If you are a big fans of 周杰倫 Jay Chou, then you wouldn't want to miss this!
Yessss! His French-Italian restaurant which is located inside Taipei Medical University.
Such a weird place right?

But trust me, the Taipei Medical University is really big and nice!

Located next to 7-11! 
So you might want to ask people around there.

First thing you will see when you enter! 
Excited? *fanscream*

With the piano there, the restaurant seems very high class!

See the menu also so nice!

Tissue also want to put his logo. really..... =X

Chicken Caesar Salad
Personally I think it is a little too dry.
Not enough salad dressing I guess.

Daily Soup

They put some bits of ham and mushroom.

Garlic french loaf, crispy and good to dip into mushroom soup!

Italian Tune Farfelle - NT180

Very cute right the Farfelle!

Smoked Chicken Risotto with White Cream - NT200
Creamy, smooth risotto mixed with tender smoked chicken.

Pork Chop with Green Pepper Butter - NT220

We ordered business lunch set meal which is the cheapest one. >.<

Spot a girl eating alone! LOL *stalkermode*

Seeeee! I wasn't distracted even though other girl is looking at me! XD

Quite a comfortable environment with all his famous songs playing!

Everyone will play with that piano!

Well, basically the theme for this outlet is based on his movie -  'Secret' (不能說的秘密)!

Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant (義法廚房北醫店) 
台北市吳興街250號 (台北醫學院學校內) 
Tel: 886-2-2377-9090


Vieshow Cinemas (威秀影城
Taipei City (台北市)

Well, coincidentally, Jay's new movie - The Rooftop (天台) was showing in Cinema!
So why not a Jay-Spree right?
Okay la actually we were quite tiring and just want to sit back and relax. =p

Don't play play! Vieshow Cinema is like GSC in Malaysia!

As usual, full of crowds! 

And even the Vieshow girls are very pretty one! =D

Very special right? 
And the pretty Vieshow girl is Annie Kao! XD

Bye Bye Taiwan 
Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei)

So our trip has come to the end. TT

Before leaving our minshu..

Witnessed a wedding proposal in the airport.

Hello kitty fans!!!

You will like this!

So cute! But too bad I'm not HK fans. haha!

101 Tower in airport.

And so.. my Taiwan trip ended.. *unwillingly*
Total Spending Inclusive of Flight Ticket = RM4,000.
Anything about the trip,
you could ask me anything here :
Till then. ;)

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  1. Awww Henry! Taiwan was still fun right? You shall go back! XD

  2. Don't emo la darling. i intro you hot chic okay? =D

    1. okay! pls intro me! haha btw u are the best! =D

  3. 4000 for 7 days ! tha't slike a steal neh! haha very afordable. want go want go next time

    1. hahaha inclusive of everything wor? i think still fine la as i just keep eating and shopping.

  4. are still young. Dont so emo okay?

    1. not young addd. TT i have to delay my life plan. =(

  5. A small fan of Mr J but agreed taiwan is so much fun!!!!! Hmmm, about the relationship part, its a cycle xD

    1. hahaha good good i supposed u have been there too ! =D

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  7. Great daily posts. I will definitely use them to do my own itinerary.


  8. 看起来你的台湾游好豪华!

  9. The movie ticket in Taiwan is expensive....


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