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Day 3 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip

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In case you haven't read the previous one. ;)

So here's the Day 3 for 7D6N Taiwan Trip. =D

Summary for Day 3:
09.00am : Breakfast @ Shang An Minced Meat Porridge (上安美食肉粥 @ 上安路,台中)
10.00am : Sun Cake, Pineapple Cake & Lemon Cake @ Ichihuku Taichung (太陽餅, 檸檬餅&鳳梨酥一福堂,台中)
11.00am : Shengxing Station @ Miaoli (胜兴车站 @ 苗栗)
01.00pm : Lunch @ Lai Noodle, Miaoli (賴新魁麵館 @ 苖栗)
03.00pm : Love Story Building @ Taoyuan (爱情故事馆 @ 桃 園)
04.00pm : Daxi Old Street @ Taoyuan (大溪老街(和平老街) @ 桃 園)
07.00pm : Check In @ Jiufen Wenshabao Minshu (溫莎堡日光涵館 @ 九份)

Breakfast @ Shang An Minced Meat Porridge 
(上安美食肉粥 @ 上安路,台中)

We chose to eat like the traditional Taiwanese would go for the breakfast.
And meat porridge is one of their common breakfast.

Just a small stall, but customers usually there for a quick breakfast.

Minced Meat Porridge - NTD10
A warm bowl of porridge for your stomach is just nice to kick start your day!
If is not enough, you could have some add-ons too!

Dried bean curd and sausages - NTD40

Roasted pork - NTD40
Crunchy skin and the sauce give a different taste to the porridge.
They are quite well to mix with the plain porridge.

Sun Cake, Pineapple Cake & Lemon Cake @ Ichihuku Taichung 
(太陽餅, 檸檬餅&鳳梨酥一福堂,台中)

One of the local specialty that tourist would buy - Sun cake & pineapple cake!
But Taiwan just got too many shops selling!
We chose one of the oldest shop in Taichung.

Sun cake - NTD400 (20pcs)
Pineapple cake - NTD450 (20pcs)
Lemon cake - NTD350 (12pcs)

Certainly not cheap! >.<

I always heard about 太陽餅, 太陽餅 from TV shows etc.
But never really know what it is.

After I tried...
Cehhhhh.. is like our "Pong Pneah" only mah! >.<

Anyhow, we should always try anything and everything! 
That's why I bought the lemon cake! =D

Well, so we were done with Taichung.
Time to head up to north of Taiwan! =D

Shengxing Station @ Miaoli
(胜兴车站 @ 苗栗)

Shengxing Station (勝興車站) used to be a railway station in Miaoli County.
But it was closed and changed into a tourist spot surrounded by a cluster of tea shops and traditional Hakka restaurants.

See Taiwanese are so friendly and kind!

This aunty even help us to rub on the ointment!
My legs so hairy she also doesn't mind. *super-paiseh* >.<
Most importantly, we didn't even buy anything from her.

So this is the small town surrounding the Shengxing Station.

Can see the station down there? =D

You might be thinking... Malaysia takda train station mehhhh? >.<

Well, like the saying..
"The moon at oversea is always rounder."

Coincidentally my outfits color all matched! =D


It is really a good place to stroll around leisurely.

Red dates! Fresh one! 
My first time to try on it!
It is crunchy, not too juicy but sweet!
NTD100 per packet.

Cute huh? hehe!

We went to a nearby wild white lily garden (野百合).

Pure white wild lily!

Spider doesn't give up repairing the web, why would you give up

Lunch @ Lai Noodle, Miaoli 
(賴新魁麵館 @ 苖栗)

Lunch here at this 60 years old shop.
They are quite famous I supposed, 
especially with all the photos with actors and actresses.

A lot of dishes to choose too.

I ordered this Hakka Koay Teow Soup but they called it 客家板条.
The slices of meat were not too thick but cooked just nice!
It sweetness of the meat and saltiness from the egg 
make the koay teow soup yummy! 

Meatball! Everywhere in Taiwan also got meatball!

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Daxi Old Street @ Taoyuan 
(大溪老街(和平老街) @ 桃 園)

Dropped by the Dahan River Bridge.

Due to the typhoon is coming, the bridge was closed.
You can judge from the dark cloud behind. >.<

See even the pedestrian over-bridge also so nice!

We just can't stop eating!
Right at the first shop at the Daxi Old Street. >.<

Ordered a Bak Pau and a Hei Tang Pau. 
All also NTD10 each.

Imagine cold weather, eating this steaming hot pau! Perfect!

The structure of the shops at Daxi Old Street are really unique.

One of the shop selling this!
In Hokkien, we called it "Kah Kiak"! =D
I guess nowadays rarely got people would wear it.

Spot the bird nest with full of little birdies! =D

Unfortunately, rain started to fall! =(
It means...

Typhoon is coming!!!

But is okay.. nothing stop me from trying this Napoleon Pie! =D

I have heard about this thru the Taiwanese TV Show!

Finally get to try it myself!

Look at the crispy pie layer on top sandwiching two layer of soft cake!
Imagine the feeling of both crispy and soft in your mouth!

Ohhh HEAVEN!!! 

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Love Story Building @ Taoyuan 
(爱情故事馆 @ 桃 園)

As the rain and storm was coming,
we try to find indoor places to go..

One of the tourist attraction spot - Love story building

Probably you would guess... A building with love story?

As usual, selling all the merchandises and also the biscuits. 

A church inside the building.

Some of the decorations.

Starting with the love story of Napoleon and Josephine...
I always know about Napoleon's War but never heard about Josephine..

Then Adam and Eve.

Lady Godiva.
But what caught my attention is how "Peeping Tom" came by! =D

Proceeds to the outdoor.

Two cute little kids!

Well, everything about love here!
So of course cannot miss out "Yue Lao".

Another church outside.

Personally, I'm not into all these.
So kinda bored for me.

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Check In @ Jiufen Wenshabao Minshu 
(溫莎堡日光涵館 @ 九份) 

Since the weather getting worse, so we decided to head directly to our Minshu in Jiufen.
Jiufen located at the northern part of Taiwan.
So the journey took us around 2 hours.
Luckily we just slept through the whole journey inside the van! 

Arrived at Jiufen, the sky were all dark already!

Our room actually quite nice one!

The bathroom got the see-thru windows. =p
And the big window outside even got seaview!

Something like this....

But because of Typhoon...
We get this!!! TT

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Basically we just stayed in and watched the news!

Before the typhoon getting stronger, I quickly dashed off to the old street.

She wanted to buy the biscuit particularly from this shop.
But it was closed due to typhoon.
Thankfully they left a note saying that can go to their other branch.

I found my shop there too! It's a cat shop! =D

All shops were closed already.
But you can imagine how nice it would be with all these tanglungs!

I was risking my life to take all these photos! >.<
I can't tell how strong is the wind from this photo.

All the way to the only shop that is still open - 7-11!
To buy our dinner! >.<

Chicken thigh wrapped in rice!

Finally tried Taiwan original taro balls! =D

Anyway, here's the video of the typhoon:

Well, like I said, nothing gonna stop me from taking photos. =p

It was a really good experience!
Although it was very scary too.
Especially the room is shaking like earthquake,
no electricity due to power failure,
and sound of the wind blowing like mad!

Thankfully I survived from the typhoon! 

That's all for the Day 3! =D
Stay tuned for the upcoming days!

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  1. The typhoon is really a mood spoiler :s but luckily everyone is safe HAHA

    1. hahaha yeahh but then also a good experience la. afterall how many ppl can experience that wor? =p

  2. Replies
    1. hahaha u lagi song okayyyyy sponsored to go busan!!!

  3. I've always wanted to go Taiwan but didn't have the chance to. I bet you had pretty much fun there right! Gonna ask you for some tips if I go there next time.

    1. hahaha plan now and go! dont think! =D sure sure! =D

  4. wah typhoon! luckily all of you are safe! not bad still can 'pai pose' for photo in the midst of typhoon! haha

    1. lol sure one mahhhh! but i wish i got long hair then can show the effect of typhoon! lol

  5. Malaysia really suck lo...dunno how to attract tourist... haha

    1. hahaha dont say malaysia sucks la just they are more creative in attracting tourist. =D

  6. Malaysia suck...! I miss Taiwan so much lo...

  7. wow.. a very interesting trip!! Taiwan is a nice place to visit except for the typhoon! I must make a trip there one day...

    1. haha good to hear that! =D and cant wait to see u update in ur blog abt it! =D

  8. I'm not sure why pineapple based products always so expensive even in Malaysia. Very hard to grow meh? Not imported fruit some more... btw, I would love to visit all those places u went but hopefully with a better weather :)

    1. yeah weyyyy damn expensive!! yea looo local fruit somemore!

  9. HAHAHA! your 下一站幸福 very funny xia, not your kind of style also. TAKE MOREEEE PROPER PICTURE. and i can feel how strong the wind is from ur video,good experience though.

    1. lol!! aiyo u know laaa. takda proper photo when u are the one with camera! >.< yuppp good experience! =D

  10. Aww I miss Taiwan even more when reading your blog and can't wait for my next visit! Pinned some interesting places for me to plan my trip next year, very informative blog!

  11. You make me wanna go Taiwan again just to explore other parts!

  12. your picture of the spider fixing its web really touched me! thanks=)

  13. hi, may I know when is your trip which the typhoon hit taiwan ?


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