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Taiwan Bull @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

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Recently Queensbay Mall Penang has changed their 3rd Floor, North Zone into Queens Street.
It is intended to pack the Queens Street with all the restaurants and makan place.
And Taiwan Bull is one of the restaurant that been relocated to this Queens Street.

Located on the right, after coming up from the escalator.

Taiwan Bull mainly serves all the Taiwan delicacies!

Starting with Shao Zhi Noodle (哨子面)
Shao Zhi means whistle in English.
But the original word should be 臊子, 
which means minced meat in diced form.

You have to make sure the minced meat are mixed well with the noodles.

Add some salted vege makes it more tasty too!

Taiwanese Beef Noodle (红烧牛肉面 )

Look at the beef! Big Love!
I love beef brisket (牛腩) cooked in noodle soup!
And of course also the 牛筋! =D

But I would prefer it to be red and hot! =D

 Braised Pork Rice (鲁肉饭)
Another common food in Taiwan!

See how the rice stick with braised pork.

Stuffed Rice Chicked Wing (翅包饭)
My first time to try this! Love it!

The rice stuffed inside is like Loh Mai Gai! =D
Really brilliant!

Pork Filling Biscuit (猪肉馅饼)

Sweet Potato with Plum powder (干梅地瓜) 
I love this one too!
Really a addictive snack to eat.
All thanks to their special plum powder from Alishan!

Bluebarry Thick Toast (蓝莓奶酥厚片吐司)
The blueberry smells really nice!
But a bit too dry to my liking though.

Eat too much so have to stop a while for drinks! =D

Refreshing juice can let us continue to eat again! =D

 Cheese Burst Crispy Chicken & Ham (台弯芝士火腿爆酱鸡排)
Melting cheese slowly oozing out!
Crispy outer layer of the skin and tender chicken meat inside!

Braised Pork Leg (猪脚)
Braised long enough that the pork just melt literally in your mouth! =p

卤味拼盘 - 鸭&鸡胗 - Braised Duck & Chicken Gizzards

Sesame Oil Chicken Drumstick Vermicelli (麻油鸡面线)
This would be the favorite of those that fancy sesame oil.
Pregnant ladies should eat this too! =D

Dan Zai Noodle (担仔面)

Still can't get enough of food?

Hot & Spicy Pot - Pork (猪肉麻辣火锅)
I promise this will be fulfilling one! =D

Personally I think this is a good place when you don't know what to eat.
They have so much to offer and so much to eat!
And the friendly boss can always recommend you some food!

Opening Time : 10am to 10pm

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