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Pavilion Cafe @ Lebuh Presgrave, Penang

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Pavilion Cafe also known as 三禾轩咖啡馆 is located at Lebuh Presgrave.
It is just right opposite of Wisma Kwong Wah Yit Poh Press Bhd.
Same as many other newly-open cafes, they uses the heritage shophouse.
They served mainly Taiwan fusion cuisine.

Carparks at roadside could be limited during peak hours.

They remained all the architectural details of "Southern Chinese" eclectic style (1840s-1900s)

Upon entering the shop, you would realized that it is rather "long" than wide shophouse.

The first thing that caught my attention is the Ice Drip Coffee Tower

Very tall right! Coffee lovers would love this!

Kaffir Lime Chicken - RM9.90
Sweet and sour sauce topping on the deep fried  crispy chicken.
Definitely an appetizing dish to kick start your meal! 

Sakura Fried Rice - RM9.90
Normal fried rice with spring onion and fried garlic.
Too plain to my liking though. 

Yellow Duck - RM10.90
Duck-shaped turmeric rice with Japanese curry.
Japanese style curry rather sweet than spicy,
just nice for those non-spicy lover.  
The duck very fancy huh? =D

Experiencing Differences...!

Classic Fried Spaghetti with Ham - RM10.90
A bit dry and plain to my liking.
I guess that's why they attached with the soy sauce with garlic and chili.

Rose Latte Ice - RM9.90 & Classic Fruit Ice Tea - RM8.90
The rose certainly makes it looks nice!
Taste wise, it is just like normal latte with the rose fragrance.
The fresh ice cooling fruit tea definitely can quench your thirst.

Taiwan Pancake with Apple Vinegar - RM8.90
The pancake was quite plain so I added the cabai burung (bird's eye chili)! 
I guess they didn't soak in the apple vinegar long enough.
I was freaking-ly breathing out fire from my mouth! TT
This dish definitely memorable to me!

Chinese Steamed Bun with Fried Char Sau - RM10.90
Steam bun was soft and spongy.
The fried char sau was salty enough to be neutralized by the plain bun.

Jawa Spice Vege - RM10.90
Consists of long beans, winged beans, egg plants and onions!
Fried with sweet sauce and sesame topping.
A bit like vege rojak! =D

Kung Poh Century Egg - RM10.90
Unique dish that uses century egg rather than mantis prawn or fish.
I really can't tell what it is in the beginning!

Caramel Macchiato Ice - RM9.90

Blue Purple Dream Ice - RM8.90
Another unique drink! 
It is actually made from butterfly pea flower or commonly known as blue flower.
With a slice of lemon the drink would turned into purple from blue.
Magic! haha

Blue Purple Dream Hot - RM10.90
The hot version, able to change color too!
As you could see the blue flower which usually used as coloring agent for blue.
Frankly, it tastes a lot like tang yuan!
Special right? Must try!

Apart from the cafe, they have rooms and dorm for rent too.
If you want to have a try of heritage life, this would be great!

I think I can sit here read book whole day long! =D

Okay, before I end my post, did you realized anything odd? =D
In case you really didn't realized, scroll up again and look for it!
You saw some phones at the background of the food right?

Yup it is actually a Ninetology event where each bloggers were given a special gift randomly.
And I got myself a pair of movie ticket!

Good chance for me to finally watch a movie with the love one. =D

Thanks to Ninetology Marketing Sdn Bhd, we got to try out some of the phones during the food review.
The phones include Ninetology U9R1, U9X1, U9Z1, U9Z1+ and Ninetology Stealth 4X.
My preference would definitely be Stealth 4X!
Find out more here! 

26, Lebuh Presgrave,
Georgetown, 10300 Penang.
Tel: 604-261 9366
11am-6pm (Monday)
11.30am-10pm (Tuesday-Sunday)

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  2. the food looks good! especially the man tao with fried char seow *drooling*

  3. wow..the price is even cheaper than Ipoh and all their foods and drinks are fantastic !

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  5. The yellow duck rice really tickle my fancy. Is it any good?

  6. Woww the ice drip coffee tower looks very interesting !! like a science lab project.. haha


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