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Sushi Kitchen @ Sungai Ara, Penang

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Sushi Kitchen has been in my neighborhood for so many years!
Shamefully, as a small potato blogger, this was my first visit! >.<
But you know like the saying goes, late is better than never! 

Comfy environment with the feeling like home.
They play soft music, so relaxing! =D

With all the fluffy soft toys around.

They provide tatami style seating too.

My glass of Homey Nutmeg Juice - RM2.50

Soya Bean Milk - RM2.50
Made of black bean and not too sweet too! *Healthy*

Golden Miso Udon - RM10.80
The crispiness of deep-fried Enoki mushroom mixed perfectly with the soft Udon.
The miso soup was just nice with Kombu, seaweed and black sesame.

The udon was so smooth that I could slurps the whole bowl!

Seaweed Fried Rice - RM9.80
You could choose brown rice with additional of RM1!
Well decorated with colorful lettuce, carrot and purple lettuce.
It's like Pattaya Fried Rice except they replaced the omelette with seaweed to wrap the fried rice.

Here comes my mouth-watering sushi!

Golden Age Sushi - RM12.90 (6pcs)

Instead of Salmon or any other common sushi topping, they put mango! 
Pure brilliant!
Mango is soft, smooth and sweet!
The pearl rice wrapping carrot, cucumber and G-ken floss.
The texture of this combination is so good that you have to taste it for yourself!

They are located on the 2nd floor.
You will need to climb a long staircase.
But you will have a lot to see along the sidewall and even the staircase itself! 
For elderly person, you might want to consider their second branch in Gat Lebuh Acheh.

Overall, I think it is a cozy place for gathering and healthy food too!
But you might want to call up for reservation first as seats are limited.

Definitely a must-try, especially for the vegan! 

2A-1, Jalan.Sungai Ara,
Desa Ara,Sungai Ara, 
11900 Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-644 6739

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  1. this place looks darling!!! a shame it's all the way in penang though.. wish they'd have a branch in kl!

    1. haha hopefully their business continue to prosper so that they will consider to open another branch! haha

  2. Wow, Today I gonna have a try at there ! ;)


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