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Five27 Chulia Court @ Lebuh Chulia, Penang

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The newly relocated Five27 is now at Chulia Court, Lebuh Chulia!
You might be wondered why would it be called as Five27 right.
Well, it is actually came from the approximate latitude of Penang!

Let's have a look at Five27!

It is located along Lebuh Chulia which facing Love Lane.
A good landmark would be the 7-11 which is opposite of Five27 across the road.
Judging from the architectural details, that's probably the Southern Chinese Eclectic Style.

Carpark is definitely not a problem as they have a big one behind Five27.
Just turn into Lebuh Carnavon and you will find the carpark!
Again, it is just right opposite of MGI Classic Kitchen(Read my review here).
**Take note that the carpark will be locked after 2am**

Coming in from the carpark, you will noticed the pool table which is available to guest usage.

This is the welcoming table at the door from carpark.
You will be amazed by what's behind this curtain!

Tadaaa~~ The curtain is actually the backdrop for their live band on stage.
Right infront the stage is this bar.

Orange room is more like a dimmed lounge with sofas for guests to relax.
Their paintings and furniture are mostly imported.

Yellow room is slightly brighter with a wall full of paintings.
There are bar stools and tables for drinking and also normal tables for dining.

You could also go upstairs, especially for larger group of people.
Five27 have this long table that could easily fit more than 10 people for dining.

If you choose to just relax and chill out, Five27 provides area like this too.

Definitely a right place for gathering isn't it? =D

The downstairs view from upstairs. Just like a club huh?

Enough with the surroundings, 
let's move on to the FOOD!

Starting with Bruschetta.
This is a complimentary starter from the house.
Topping with chopped tomato salad and tuna.  

Another complimentary starter from the house - Fresh Warm Bread
The bread is actually still steaming hot inside the paper bag.

Sliced it open and stuffed in the frozen butter.
It melts immediately into the whole bun.

Wholesome Tomato Soup - RM12 & Mushroom Soup - RM14
Girls that favor sourish food would love this tomato soup!
While mushroom lovers definitely can't deny this mushroom-licious soup.  

Chicken Liver Pate - RM15
You might be familiar with foie gras which using goose liver.
While this is another version which using chicken liver.
It is soft and spreadable just like your peanut butter spread.

We also tried the Five27 signature drinks - Red Sangria - RM25
 Red Sangria consists of red wine, orange juice, Sprites and chopped fruits.
A glass of red sangria definitely got the soothing effect after a long day at work.

Japanese Tuna Tataki Salad - RM30
 Tuna was pan-seared to create the browning layer at the surface.
If you are not too keen on raw tuna, try dipping it into the special sauce! 

Escargot Bourguinonne - RM30
In other words, it means Escargot with Garlic Butter.
A very simple and classic method for preparing escargot.

For the ease of eating, Five27 provides a clamping tool with a small silver fork.
Bread also provided for you to soak in the garlic butter sauce.

Mini Seafood Quiche - RM20
The bite size french cuisine was flavorful and just enough to kick start your appetite.

Just the appetizers and starters were already making me burps.
Anyway, I was eating with a wall full of paintings!

Here comes the main dishes!

Baked Fillet of Cod - RM50
A big chunk of flaky white codfish on top of mashed potato.

I like the crispy cod fillet skin which is rich of collagen. HEHE

Chargrilled Beef Sirloin - RM48
Top with black pepper sauce with asparagus.

Medium rare sirloin was juicy and chewy!

Ninja Chicken Burger - RM29
Surprise surprise! Bun with different topping such as sunflower seeds and poppy seeds.
Fat juicy patty that using minced meat, something like Chinese's "Bak Cho".
Comes with fries and two different sauce - green wasabi sauce was a bomb!

Last part.. DESSERT!

Soft Chocolate Cake with a scoop of ice cream.
Moist and rich chocolate cake with a mixed of cold sweet vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Almond Crepe
 Very thin and crispy crepe that drizzled with chocolate.

Banana Crepe
Chopped mango and apples make it not too dull.

Apple Pie
Heavenly tasty with the melt-in-mouth crust especially topping with ice cream.

Overall, Five27 could be a good place for gathering or even celebration.
A romantic dinner would be suitable too as the lights are dimmed! =D

357, Lebuh Chulia, Penang.
(Opposite 7-11)
Sun-Thurs 4pm - 2am 
Fri-Sat & Public Holiday 4pm-3am

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