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Kumamono @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

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Kumamono is FINALLY in Queensbay Mall, Penang! *excited x 999* I believe everyone of you would have seen this before, especially if you have been to Taiwan! Yes, I am talking about the super duper famous Kumamono (熊鱼食)! Fortunately for Penang people, we, no longer need to go all the way to Taiwan to eat this!

Kuma actually means Bear (熊) and Mono means Thing (物) in Japanese, so altogether would means "Bear's Thing". But I am not sure how the word - fish would ended up in there! Maybe it's like bear catching a fish! XD *wild imagination*

Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包

Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包
6 Different Types of KumaBun - Milk, Brown Sugar, Whole Grain, Yam, Strawberry, Squid Ink
 Currently, there are only Milk, Brown Sugar and Whole Grain available. The other 3 types of KumaBun will only appear during special occasion! Oh Wait, did I just mentioned Squid Ink?! 


Here's how it goes when you want to make an order.
Step 1 : Select KumaBun
A1 - Milk 
A2 - Brown Sugar (LIKE!!)
A3 - Whole Grain

Step 2 : Select Meat
B1 - Kuma's Chicken 
B2 - Karage Crispy Chicken
B3 - Karage Spicy Chicken (LIKE!!)
B4 - Oiishi Fish Fillet

Step 3 : Select Sauce
C1 - Tarta Sauce
C2 - Sesame Sauce (LIKE!!)
C3 - Cheese Sauce
C4 - Black Pepper Sauce

**(LIKE!!) - based on my own personal preference

Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包
Such a nice food presentation! 
Won't you feel... 
"Awwwwww! So CUTEEEEE!!!" 
Okay maybe that reaction only limited to girls. (>.<)

Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包
Kumamono Side Order
 Besides that, Kumamono also provides side order namely:
1. Curry Fish Ball - RM4.90
2. Fish Ball with Cheese - RM5.90
3. Potato Wedges - RM4.90
4. Cheezy Wedges - RM5.90
5. Chicken Boxing - RM6.90

Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包
Kumamono Drinks
 Soft drinks, Refresh & Healthy series of drinks and Mango Tango drinks are among the choices of drinks. I think Kumamono is thoughtful enough to provides refreshing juice after such a luxurious meal! (Hey, we are talking about fish and bear paws you know! How luxury is that! LOL)
Just like their advertisement...

(Chinese Proverb: You can't get Fish and Bear Paws together)

在 Kumamono 就可以两者兼得啦!
(You can get it in Kumamono!!)

Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包
Kumamono Menu
Basically you can get all the information in the menu. I think it is quite a simple and straightforward menu, which is easy for us to select. Sometimes too many options can be quite a headache too! Simplicity is the best! 

Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包
Kumamono Signboard in Queensbay Mall Penang
Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包
Kumamono located in between of Taste Better and Kenny Roger Roasted Chicken
Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包
Kumamono Kitchen
Kumamono is actually just a small shop that barely enough for the kitchen and a few seats. Their concept probably more towards those "Grab and Go", just like how they do it in the night market of Taiwan. Just wondering if they would consider to open one in our night market here? Haha

Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包
Kumamono - In Wrapping
This is how it looks in wrapping. It would be better if you could just eat on the spot as the wrapping tends to capture the vapor even though it is made with holes. You would not want to eat a soggy hamburger! As Kumamono is all mainly about the KumaBun, where it is way softer than mantou!

Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包
Kumamono - KumaBun imported from Taiwan
Ignore Jennifer from Silly Epiphany, she's local! XD
So yeah, you can tell that KumaBun is the main selling point
Centralized system from Taiwan that controls and maintains the quality of their KumaBun.

Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包
Kumamono - Thanks to Rachael Chin for the explanation
Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包
Kumamono - Thanks Darling Gwendolyn for accompanying me! HEHE!
Kumamono - 熊鱼食 - 熊の食 - 熊手刈包

Special thanks to Jazz from Jazzlah for the invitation and Trista for the group photo! 
Well, talking about globalization huh?
We can get almost get everything from any part of the world.

So go grab one for yourself now! 

(Opposite of Jusco)
Queensbay Mall, Penang.

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  1. It's a cute bear paw steamed bun..

  2. A panda stepped on the mantao? Cute! Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. hehe yupppp! after stepped become softer than mantou! haha

  3. My goodness.... the bear paw so cute weyh XD

    1. yuppp if not they wont be the top food in Taiwan! hehe

  4. Hi,Henry!Thanks for visiting my blog:)
    The cheesy wedges looks so yummy!
    By the way, I just get to know that you are Ace Lau's senior.

    1. hello! welcome here!
      yup just like KFC wedges! hehe

  5. Looks so adorable! Hope the taste match the looks too hehe!

    1. yup certainly it is! you should go try it out at Kumamono! =D

  6. Very details and many bloggers take that go pro photo too, haha~

    1. haha very nice mah! can fit in all the bloggers! haha

  7. that cute paw bun is really eye catching! super cute and definitely must try for it :3

    1. yuppp i agree with you! should really try! =D

  8. Looks great!!!! and definitely appetizing....

  9. Too cute to eat them!

    What happened to my earlier comments? I think I said the name reminds me of Kumamoto in Japan where I visited and they have a cute mascot for the city.

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