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Auspicious Steamboat Buffet Dinner @ Lexis Suites Penang

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5-Star Resort Hotel, Lexis Suites Penang will be having auspicious buffet this coming Chinese New Year! We had the chance to try out their Auspicious Steamboat Buffet Dinner which will be available only on 27th Jan (Friday) for only RM88 nett per person! Call for reservation now!

5-Star Steamboat Buffet Dinner @ Lexis Suites Penang

Lexis Suites Penang located at southern of Penang, Teluk Kumbar, which is just next to the famous Hao You Teluk Kumbar Seafood Restaurant. We ate there for like at least once a year, so it's like witnessing the hotel being built from nothing to a tall-huge building. 

Roselle Coffee House is the in-house restaurant located at Mezzanine Floor, Lexis Suites Penang to serves Auspicious Seamboat Buffet Dinner. The restaurant can host up to around 150 pax, so make sure you have done your reservation as soon as possible!

The buffet spread consists of seven different sections namely from action counter, salad bar, pickle corner, sushi & maki, seafood, sauce, meat,  steamboat stock to dessert. So not to worry, even if is steamboat buffet, you will still have plenty other option beside steamboat! Read on you will know why I say it is super worth! 

Starting with the Action Counter, which is closest to the entrance, serves cooked food like roasted lamb, grilled fish, fried snacks and even dimsum! These could be useful as we can eat it while waiting for our steamboat to boil. I'm not a big fan of fried snacks or dimsum, so automatically my focus would be switched towards the lamb and fish. Both of them were on par, but the food presentation certainly make it looks tempting!   

In clockwise, then we came towards the Fruits Section. 5 local fruits were available from papaya, pineapple, yellow watermelon, red watermelon to rose apple. Then follow by Pickle Corner and Salad Bar. Nothing much to shout about, just standard buffet dinner that will provides. 

Then we came to Sushi & Maki Corner. I was amazed by the sashimi plate as each slices of the sashimi were all generously thick, which is a rare case for buffet dinner. Sashimi option include salmon, butterfish, tuna and octopus. 

Finally the main ingredients for steamboat, the Seafood Section! More than 12 types of seafood to choose from, some of the rare ones include the bamboo clams, slipper lobster, Yabby and even scallop! Some of the ingredients like the fish head and crab are suitable to add in first into the soup to give extra sweetness.  

If you are bored of seafood, different type of Meats including chicken, lamb and beef are available too! Each of them were marinated by different seasoning such as curry, black pepper and the original flavor. Personally I think it would be perfect if the hot pot comes together with the grill pan for us to BBQ the meats. But the 5-Star hotel guests would all ended up smelly! 😁

Steamboat Stock such as those sausages, ham, mushroom, fishball, tofu, seaweed and vegetables are available too. It is always good to add in some vegetable to balance the flavor of the soup. Personally, I like to add a lot of seaweed, Japanese tofu and of course enoki mushroom! 

Last but not least, Dessert Section with Chinese New Year theme. Delicious pastries, cakes, puddings and many others that would end the buffet on a sweet high. 

There will be a complimentary Salmon Yee Sang as well for each table that dine in for the buffet spread. 

Overall, given the price of RM88 nett per person for a 5-Star Resort Hotel Restaurant, I think it is definitely worth the price. Imagine you can save all the troubles to cook and clean if eating at home and use the time to spend with family and friends on catching up with each other.

Make Your Reservation NOW!

28, Jalan Teluk Kumbar, 
11920 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Tel: +60 4-628 2888

Till then. ;)
Happy Food Hunting!

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