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Doubly Fresh, Doubly Joyous @ Sushi King Gurney Plaza

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with family and friends at Sushi King with their new "Doubly Fresh, Doubly Joyous" dishes! For this festive season, Sushi King specially created several delectable auspicious dishes which is available starting from now until 28 February 2017. 

Sushi King Doubly Fresh Doubly Joyous!


Sushi King Doubly Fresh Doubly Joyous's dishes can be found at the standing menu or inside the iPad for food ordering. To make it more joyous and prosperity, customers who spend RM68 and above in a single receipt at any Sushi King outlet will be given a FREE exclusive set of Sushi King Daruma Ang Pau and even be in the running to win an all-expense paid trip to Tokyo!

We started off with the Prosperity Yee Sang (4-6 pax) which served with Norwegian premium salmon, harvested from their clear blue waters. The Prosperity Yee Sang comes with Japanese egg noodle, cucumber, carrot, tamago, Kurage (jellyfish), octupus, fish roe, nuts, crabstick, limes, sliced salmon and even minced salmon! Yes, Sushi King placed the minced salmon in the middle and shape it into a sycee (Yuan Bao)!

Two types of sauces are available, namely the sour plum sauce and wasabi sauce. So you can either choose just "sour plum sauce" or "sour plum + wasabi sauce". To be honest, I was deeply amazed by the Prosperity Yee Sang because of the great combination of all the ingredients. A mouthful of Yee Sang can tastes all the different textures and flavors from the crispy Japanese egg noodle, crunchy jellyfish, appetizing sour plum sauce and sweetness of fresh salmon. Yums! 😋

Then we had Spicy Salmon Terriyaki and Salmon Terriyaki. Both are using the same grilled salmon except one added with spicy mayonnaise. One might mistaken it as Unagi but if look closely you can tell the difference from the salmon texture and skin. Personally I think the spicy mayonnaise was not spicy at all, so not to worry about it. I prefer Sushi King's Spicy Salmon Terriyaki as the spicy mayonnaise give additional taste instead of just the saltiness from Terriyaki.  

Next, we had Fried Salmon Sushi drizzled with mayonnaise. If deep fried salmon is too dry for one's liking, special Piri-piri sauce will be given too. Deep fried salmon was really crispy and the mayonnaise makes it even more appetizing.  

We also tried Sushi King's Assorted Sushi under the Doubly Fresh, Doubly Joyous menu. It consists of Minced Salmon, Sliced Salmon and Unagi. Yes, finally got Unagi! That explains why it is with different color of plate (purple) which is more expensive. Anyway, I still find the Minced Salmon bizarre, maybe because of the presentation. 

After all the sushi, we moved on to the CNY Bento and Seafood Bento. If a small personal Yee Sang is needed, CNY Bento is the perfect set as it comes with mini Salmon Yee Sang, deep fried salmon and deep fried chicken with Piri-piri sauce. Otherwise, Seafood Bento would be great as it consists of tempura prawns, deep fried salmon and even squid! Deep fried squid is unusual in Sushi King's menu, so personally I like this a lot! 

Then we had Ontama Salmon Don and Salmon Don. Take note that Sushi King is serving them in small size, so one might not be enough! Ontama Salmon Don came in a very appealing appearance with salmon flakes covered on top of rice and topped with soft boiled egg and flying fish roe. Meanwhile, Salmon Don consists of rice topped with salmon belly and flying fish roe. In my opinion, Salmon Don is my Most Recommended Don as the fattiness of salmon belly moistened the rice and give the fragrance to it. Absolutely delicious!  😋

Lastly, we ended our meal with Hanjuku Cheese Cake. Sushi King's Hanjuku Cheese Cake or also known as half baked cheese cake was really creamy, velvety smooth and with a fluffy texture! To be honest, I have never thought of eating cheese cake in Sushi King in our past visits. But this experience definitely change my thought and I strongly recommend to try it out as well!

Overall, I think Sushi King's Chinese New Year dishes were great, totally beyond my expectation. I would definitely go again for their Prosperity Yee Sang, which I think it is healthier than those outside yet at a reasonable price. I would also order Seafood Bento, Salmon Don and end with Hanjuku Cheese Cake! 

 Go try it NOW & Tell Me What do You Think?

Available at all Sushi King Outlets.

Till then. ;)
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