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CS Cafe @ Cinta Sayang Resort, Kedah

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During our 3D2N Getaway at Cinta Sayang Resort, we had our dinner, lunch and breakfast at their in-house restaurant, CS Cafe. The newly revamped restaurant was previously known as Sayang Restaurant, now changed to CS Cafe, which serves Western fusion food, homemade cakes and pastries all day long! So, if you are looking for a decent place to dine in Sungai Petani, especially with your loved one, CS Cafe should be your top choice! 

CS Cafe @ Cinta Sayang Resort

CS Cafe located right beside the Cinta Sayang Resort reception lobby. Even though they do not have a signboard indicating CS Cafe, but you can tell just by a look from the outside. They have a wide selection of cakes and like the quote written on the blackboard, "Everything gets better with coffee!". 

The seating at CS Cafe are spacious and comfortable, you can choose the sofa by the wall, normal chair or even the hanging chair, which is like a swing at the playground! CS Cafe is thoughtful enough to attach the sofa mat on top of the wooden plank to save our backside after long hour of sitting. Isn't it fun to enjoy our meal while sitting on the swing? 

Okay, let's have a look at what we had for dinner, lunch and breakfast during these 3 days. Starting with first day dinner...

Dinner at CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang Resort, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Virgin Mojito (RM16) & Signature Oreo Milkshake (RM16)

We had Virgin Mojito (RM16) and Signature Oreo Milkshake (RM16) for our drinks. The Signature Oreo Milkshake was normal as we expect to have more Oreo and less diluted. But the mocktail Virgin Mojito was certainly a good call as it is refreshing, especially when you are going for a big feast. 

Oxtail Soup (RM16)

For our dinner, we ordered from the Ala Carte menu. For soup, baby and I had Oxtail Soup (RM16) and Coconut & Pumpkin Soup (RM8). I have to say that CS Cafe serves everything in huge portion, even for their soups and appetizers! CS Cafe offers really delicious Oxtail Soup with generous amount of ingredients (lots of oxtail, mushroom, tomatoes, carrots, etc) and comes with garlic bread. This can be a main course itself! Definitely a Top-Recommended!

Coconut & Pumpkin Soup (RM8)

Compare to Oxtail Soup, Coconut & Pumpkin Soup became less impressive. Nevertheless, it was still a standard creamy and thick pumpkin soup with big chunk of pumpkin. Too bad Baby prefers her pumpkin chunk to be softer, melt-in-mouth-kind of texture, but luckily thin strips of green bell pepper (capsicum) was being added brilliantly to give different crunchy texture and a refreshing taste. You may want to control on the amount of coconut milk as we over-added and it became coconut milk soup. 😂

Crispy Prawn Salad (RM18)

For salads, we had Crispy Prawn Salad (RM18) and Smoked Salmon & Feta Salad (RM20). Again, the Crispy Prawn Salad surprised us with the huge portion and the number of prawns (10 big prawns!). When it was being served on our table, the crispy aromatic prawns stimulated our appetite right away. The salad consists of coral lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers, onion, crispy prawns and even cashew nuts to give the extra texture and sweetness. Another Top-Recommended I would say!  

Smoked Salmon & Feta Salad (RM20)

Smoked Salmon & Feta Salad was very unique too as it was presented in Temaki (hand roll) way. Just that this time it is the other way round, where the salmon is wrapping the lettuce. Lemon, black olive, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, capers and vinaigrette were placed at the side for you to add based on individual's liking. 

Grilled Beef Tenderloin (RM39)

For our main course, we had Grilled Beef Tenderloin (RM39) and Grilled Lamb Rack (RM36). Grilled Beef Tenderloin comes with asparagus, garlic mashed potato and horseradish gravy. I would say that it's up to par and it's good to have horseradish gravy (similar to wasabi), which gives the extra kick from its wicked pungency.  

Grilled Lamb Rack (RM36)

For the Grilled Lamb Rack, both of us were too fascinated as lamb rack is one of our favorite. CS Cafe's Grilled Lamb Rack serves with grilled asparagus, rosemary sauce and mashed potato. The Grilled Lamb Rack was done the way we want and we definitely enjoyed using our hands to pick up the chops to munch around the bones! Certainly our Top-Recommended

Cheese Cake (RM14)

Chocolate Brownie (RM14)

After all the big portion of soups, salads and main courses, we can barely continue with our dessert. We ordered Cheese Cake (RM14) and Chocolate Brownie (RM14), but we had to "Da Pau" (takeaway) as we were too full. According to Nasuha, the Marketing Manager, their chefs actually had a "Cross Learning/Interact Day" with China House Penang, which is famous for their cakes. Looking at the wide selection of cakes in CS Cafe, you can tell that they have similar ambition too!

Lunch at CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang Resort, Sungai Petani, Kedah

On the second day, we had our lunch at CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang Resort as well. We had Smoked Salmon Salad and Tomato & Basil Soup as starter. The Smoked Salmon Salad is similar to the one we had in dinner, except in a smaller portion. Tomato & Basil Soup was okay, great option to kick start your meal with appetizing soup.

Smoked Salmon Salad

Tomato & Basil Soup

For our main courses, we ordered Grilled Lamb Loin and Grilled Salmon. Grilled Lamb Loin was served with tomato & cucumber raita, steamed vegetable roll and almond parsley rice. Grilled Salmon came with turmeric layer potatoes, butter zucchini and passion fruit cream sauce. Both were equally good, we finished it in no time as we were too hungry after the golf session. 😂

Grilled Lamb Loin

Grilled Salmon

Since it was a set lunch, we were given the choice from the cake table and chiller or even from the a la carte menu to choose for our dessert. We had the Chocolate Trio Cake and the Strawberry Cheesecake. The desserts was fulfilling and put a sweet end to our lunch at CS Cafe. 

Breakfast at CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang Resort, Sungai Petani, Kedah

For the breakfast of 2nd day and 3rd day, we had it at CS Cafe as well since it is included in the package. As usual, wide selection buffet style of breakfast, nothing to shout about as it is quite standard. But baby and I enjoyed our breakfast there as we can slowly take a sip on our coffee, enjoy our breakfast while overlooking the view of the golf course

Overall, we were very satisfied with the food and environment in CS Cafe. The staff were very friendly too, but definitely there is room for improvement in term of the speed of services. Given such a decent cafe which located inside Cinta Sayang Resort, I would say that the price is reasonable. So if you are looking for a place to dine in Sungai Petani, I strongly recommend you to try CS Cafe!

CS Cafe
Persiaran Cinta Sayang
08000, Sungai Petani
Kedah, Malaysia

+60 (0) 4 441 4666

Till then.
Happy food hunting! ;)

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