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Healthy Delicious Dishes with US Potatoes

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Thanks to the invitation from US Potatoes, we attended the exclusive cooking demonstration of "Healthy Delicious Dishes with US Potatoes" which was held in Wembley Hotel Penang last weekend.  

Healthy Delicious Dishes with US Potatoes

US Potatoes is the US national potato research and marketing organization which based in Denver, Colorado. It represents more than 2,500 potato growers and handlers across the country and to promote the benefits of eating potatoes. As the largest vegetable commodity board, US Potatoes is proud to be recognized as an innovator in the produce industry. 

The event started off with the introduction to US Potatoes by Mr. Richard Liew, the Trade Promotions Director of US Potatoes. Thanks to Richard, we learned to differentiate all the various type of potatoes such as russet potatoes, yellow potatoes, red potatoes, white potatoes, purple blue potatoes, fingerling potatoes and even the petite potatoes. 

After that, the dietitian, Ms Khoo An Jo, shared with us on "Good Carbs - Fact of a Healthy Plate". She started off by debunking all the myths of carbs and then taught us on the new concept of healthy plate proportion - #sukusukuseparuh or #quarterquarterhalf. Which means, whatever we learnt about the food pyramid back in the days is no longer appropriate! 

Credit to Lam Wah Ee Hospital FB

Lastly, the cooking demonstration by Chef Audee Cheah, the President of Penang Chef Association. All of us were waiting eagerly to try out the international award winning chef's dishes namely, US Potatoes and Prawn Kerabu, Curry Chicken Stuffed US Potatoes,  Kimchi Seaweed US Lattice Cut Fries and Chili Flavored US Potato Wedges in Lettuce Cups. 

Each of us were given the souvenir book with 4 recipes attached. 2 of them were using fresh US potatoes while the other 2 were using frozen US Potatoes. A few fresh US Potatoes were given to us as well to try out on the recipe our own. Since we got russet potatoes, so I made mashed potatoes as a side dish instead of following the recipe given. (p/s: I didn't follow the #sukusukuseparuh too! 😂)

These white to pale yellow flesh of russet potatoes makes heavenly mashed potatoes due to their light and fluffy texture after baked to perfection. Since it is a bit pale, I added finely chopped parsley and black pepper to give some color contrast. To make it even better, I mixed in diced Eryngi mushroom to give the soft meaty texture to the mashed potatoes. Yummmsss! 😋😋😋   

Overall, I think it was a great event for us to understand more about US Potatoes and most importantly, we will start using more US potatoes in our cooking! Afterall, a healthy plate of food is all about the right proportion - #sukusukuseparuh! 

Till then! ;)
Happy food cooking! 
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  1. Tak pernah lagi guna brand US Potatoes. Bolehlah cuba produk ni pula nanti. Also heard about the healthy plate proportion #sukusukuseparuh during previous Health Talk. Saya rasa portion saya yang separuh tu adalah nasi. Hehe


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