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Chinese New Year Yee Sang Banquet 2018 @ Vistana Hotel Penang

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Chinese New Year is coming in another two weeks time! Have you decided where to enjoy the big feast of reunion dinner? This year Vistana Hotel Penang has crafted a hearty Yee Sang Banquet Menu that will be served as early as from 26 January to 2 March 2018. So be it a company dinner as "收工宴" or gathering with family and friends, Vistana Hotel Penang got it all for you!

Chinese New Year Yee Sang Banquet
9-Course Meal

We started off the Chinese New Year Yee Sang Banquet 9-Course Meal with Salmon Yee Sang. As usual, the one thing we all need to kick start our big feast is to "Lou Sang" or tossing the Yee Sang for the better year! Then, we had Double Boiled Chicken Herb. With the double boiling method, the clear chicken soup was so flavorful together with wolf-berries, red dates and bamboo pith.

For the 3rd dish, Vistana Hotel Penang served Roasted Duck Hong Kong Styled with Fried Mantou. The duck was well roasted with a crispy skin and juicy meat, matched well with the soft Fried Mantou. After that, we had Steamed Red Lion with Superior Soy Sauce. To truly appreciate the taste of a good fish, it's always best to just steam it and chef did it well with just some thin ginger strips and coriander. 

After all the meats, it's a good break to go into our 5th dish - Braised Black Mushroom with Broccoli. What I like about it is addition of the macadamia nuts, which gave the extra texture to the dish. Then we had Wok-Fried Magnolia Prawns. Slices of green and red bell peppers were added to give the colorful presentation. 

As we came towards the end of the 9-Course Meal, we had Lotus Leaf Wrapped Sticky Rice. As usual, the last few dishes are usually more fulfilling, but we were already full. So i just had a spoon or two, specifically with the prawn roe on top which attracted me the most! 

Lastly, we had Double Boiled Honey Sea Coconut and Crispy Chinese Rice Cake with Yam as our dessert for a sweet ending to our Chinese New Year Yee Sang Banquet. The Double Boiled Honey Sea Coconut surely make us felt less sinful after the 9-Course meal since it was boiled with red dates, snow fungus and even ginseng, which makes it a very healthy dessert! 

Photo with the Executive Chinese Hong Kong Chef Ng Wing Lam!

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