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Caversham Wildlife Park @ Whiteman Park, Western Australia

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Best thing to do in Perth? Must visit destination in Perth? Caversham Wildlife Park! A place to see it all on the wildlife available in Australia ranging from the famous wombat, koala and kangaroo! Since these animals were our targets rather than the usual tiger, lion and elephant, we chose Caversham Wildlife Park instead of Perth Zoo. 

It was our 4th day of Perth trip, we arrived at Caversham Wildlife Park at 10.30am. We parked our rented car nearby and walked over, they are all free of charge. Meanwhile for the Caversham Wildlife Park entrance fee, we paid $29 per adult and $13 for children aged 3 to 14 years old. 

The park itself is not as big as Perth Zoo, so probably 3 to 4 hours there is more than sufficient. Since we wanted to watch all the shows available, we scheduled it the following way:

11.00am - Meet the Wombat and Friends
11.30am - Meet the Koalas
12.00pm - Farm Show 

Along the way, we did stopped by for some of the interesting wildlife inside their enclosure. Some of the birds caught my attention the most, such as the parakeet, kookaburra, emu, Australian bustard and black swan. We were quite intrigued by the primitive dog - dingo and the Tasmanian devil. 

So for the first show that we went - Meet the Wombat and Friends, we can actually get closed with the animals and interact with them. The team from Caversham Wildlife Park introduced each one of them to us and we get to take photos with them for free.

The main attraction in Meet the Wombat and Friends is of course the Wombat. The friends were not as popular as wombats, so we had to queue for it as there were only two of them getting ready to take photo with the visitors. We got to meet Judy, the female wombat together with her zookeeper. We get to pet them but only on their feet, the hair were unexpectedly rough. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

After that, we rushed over to Meet the Koalas. The queue was super long, we waited for about 20 minutes until our turn even though 6 koalas were available for photo taking. By the time it reached our turn, we got to meet one of the koala, not the one that was eating leaf that we want, but still very cute for us to take photo with! The thick fur of koala were actually soft and smooth! 😍😍😍

There is another show - Feed the Penguin, but we were not really into Penguin. As we already met most that we purposely came for, so we headed to the last one - Feed the Kangaroo! There are many types of kangaroo and wallaroo but we cannot tell the difference. πŸ˜–

The kangaroos and wallaroos are all within the huge enclosure which is quite spacious for them to roam around. The kangaroo food is provided too so we grabbed some ourselves and went to feed them. We went to the further end of the enclosure as most of the kangaroos near to the entrance were already well-fed by the visitors. Surprisingly, the fur of roos are super soft and silky too! 😍😍😍

Most kangaroos are nocturnal, moving about and looking for food at night time and spend the day resting in the shade. Some are particularly active during the early morning or late evening hours, which said to be crepuscular - active during twilight hours. Which is why they were all sleeping during our visit. They eat with their eyes closed! Such a lazy bum!  πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

We came out at around 2pm and ate the food we brought along inside Whiteman Park. Since it's the beginning of Spring, the weather was lovely for us to picnic and enjoyed the strawberry salad (yes a lot more strawberries leftover from Pick Your Own Strawberries). So if you are wondering where to go during your trip to Perth, don't hesitate, Caversham Wildlife Park is the one! 

Caversham Wildlife Park
Lord St, Whiteman WA 6068, Australia
+61 8 9248 1984
Opens Daily 9.00am to 5.30pm

Stay tuned for more Perth posts! 

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