Saturday, September 22, 2018

University of Western Australia @ Perth, Western Australia

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Applying for University of Western Australia (UWA)? Nah just kidding. Our good friend used to study there so he brought us to walk around UWA after we visited Blue Boat House. UWA is one of the oldest university in Australia which was established back in 1911. The buildings are all very photo-worthy, almost like the school that Harry Porter went. 😂

The school compound is huge, but quite empty as it was on a weekend during our visit. But the best time to do crazy stuff is when nobody's around! So we took quite some photos there, posing like those in the album cover.  

Our friend treated us as if it is our orientation tour, introduced us each and every building there. Nothing much to be honest since we were not really going to study there and I don't remember much either. I just know it would be a very nice place to study! 

I guess that's all, a very short post on UWA. If I happen to study here (you will never know!), I will update more. 😁😁😁

University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Hwy, Crawley WA 6009, Australia

Stay tuned for more Perth posts. 
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