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Sand boarding at Lancelin Sand Dunes

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Fun things to do in Perth? Head north to Lancelin Sand Dunes for the sandboarding! Yes you see it right, it's sandboarding! Sandboarding is a board sport similar to snowboarding that involves riding across or down a sand dune while standing on a board, either with both feet strapped in or while standing loose, without bindings.

During our Day 7 of Perth Trip, we went on a road trip heading north to Kalbarri. Along the way, we dropped by Lancelin Sand Dunes for sandboarding. Lancelin is a small fishing town located 127 km north of Perth, which is about one and a half hour drive. We changed to a bigger rented car so that it could fit the 6 of us, so again the 3 couples went on a roadtrip! 

We went to Have A Chat General Store which is just 5 minutes away from Lanceline Sand Dunes to rent the sand board. The friendly shopkeeper guided us on the types of sand board as well as the wax to smoothen the surface of the board. We rented both standing sandboard and sitting sandboard each at $10 each for 2 hours. Passport or driving license maybe needed so that they can make sure you will return the sand board to them. 

Thankfully our good friends, Soony and Eng, came here before. So they just drove us to the exact place to sand boarding. After putting on the sunblock and sunglasses, we climbed up the sand dunes excitedly. If you are afraid of becoming dark like bae, do remember to apply layers and layers of sunblock, wear long sleeves or even take an umbrella! 😂😂😂

Since it was our first time, we started with the smaller and less steeper sand dunes. We tried with the sitting sandboard first just to get a feeling of it then only moved on to the standing sandboard. For inexperience people like me, it would certainly take a few times of trying and bravery in order to slide smoothly and successfully. 

After half an hour, we moved on to a taller sand dune with a steeper slope. To be honest, I was still afraid at the beginning! Even though the sand were soft and smooth, but that terrifying feeling just kept on coming, like I would used my hands or legs to slow it down unknowingly. From time to time, you can use the candle provided to wax the board. 

The whole experience was fun and thrilling! 2 hours felt like just the blink of an eye, but I guess we wasted more time on climbing back up. It was quite tiring too given that the sand board was quite heavy and we gotta climb the steep sand dune. Just the 2 hours, we were all being sun burnt seriously even though with all the sunblock. But trust me, it's all worth it! Definitely a must try if you happen to go Perth! 

Lancelin Sand Dunes
Beacon Rd, Lancelin WA 6044, Australia

There's no entrance fee needed.
Just need to rent the sand board.

Stay tuned for more Perth posts.
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