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Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs @ Kalbarri, Western Australia

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After visiting the gorges at Kalbarri National Park, we proceeded to the Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs which are under the Kalbarri National Park as well. It offers walk trails with rugged coastline, decaying cliffs plunging more than 100 meters to the ocean and amazing rock formations all within 16km to the south of Kalbarri.

Island Rock - Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs
Since we were kinda just "touch-n-go", so we just drove to each lookout points. As we were staying at Kalbarri town, hence, we started the first lookout point from the furthest down south at Island Rock. We were supposed to go Natural Bridge but somehow we missed it. 

Admiring the Island Rock - Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs
Island Rock was once part of the shoreline, but now standing as a resilient 'sea stack' against the forces of the ocean. The viewing platform is just a short distance of walk from the car park, providing breathtaking views of this geological oddity. Personally, I was more amazed by the scenic deep blue sea from the cliff as we don't get to see it in Malaysia. 😍😍😍

The next one was Shellhouse Grandstand, literally which gave the impression of a shell shaped house on the side of the cliff. Same like the Island Rock, the viewing platform is just within a short walking distance from the car park. I think this is our least favorite as the rest are more spectacular.

Then we moved on to Eagle Gorge. At first I thought it would be the same like Shellhouse Grandstand, so I tried looking for eagle shaped gorge. Try to see from the photo above, can you spot any eagle?! Yes you won't! Eagle Gorge was actually named after the Wedge-tailed Eagle that live in the gorge. So do keep an eye out for the wedge-tailed eagle! 

Later on I found out that the Eagle Gorge actually has similar shape to a wedge tail of a wedge-tailed eagle. There is also a rocky path from Eagle Gorge leading to a secluded beach. Unfortunately we were in a rush, so I did not get to play at the beautiful seaside! (one of my regrets!) 

Next one was Pot Alley. Since it is quite near to the Eagle Gorge, the other side of wedge tail can actually be seen too. I supposed like the name suggest, it looks like a pot? Same like many other coastal cliffs, you can take the winding rocky walk down to the beautiful beach. 

By then, we were already quite exhausted. We did drove to the Mushroom Rock but I gave up immediately after seeing the signboard that we need to take the walking trail of 3km loop. Not sure if I sprained my leg at Sandboarding at Lancelin, I was not feeling comfortable to walk for too long. 😴

The last place we went was Blue Holes, which is a fish habitat protection area where fishing is prohibited but excellent for snorkeling. It also forms part of an inshore coastal limestone reef system that features sections that are permanently submerged by the ocean (sub-tidal) and areas that are exposed at low tide (intertidal). The reef incorporates irregular depressions or ‘holes’ thus giving the ‘Blue Holes’ stretch of coast its name. 😍

It's home to more than 70 species of finfish. Unique fish to look out for include dart, moon wrasse, raccoon butterfly fish, humbugs and western rock lobster. There are about 10 types of sponge, 11 species of coral, crustaceans such as banded hair shrimp and beds of oysters. So certainly it is a great spot for snorkeling! Yet again, we did not snorkel due to the wrong attire! (Another regret!) 😔

We went during early October which is just the beginning of Spring where the weather was still chilly. Otherwise, I would have gone to stroll along the pristine sandy beach, swim in the sheltered waters and explore the sea creatures! So if you happen to be there, please please please must go!

Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs

Stay tuned for more Perth posts! 
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